Evesham AMDs noisy?

  TIMSMITH 21:44 02 Mar 2006

Thinking of buying an Evesham Axis RD A-list for about £1200 with upgrades including AMD 64 X 2 4200 processor. Have been told this would be a noisy machine. IWould anyone know whether this is true, and, if so, is the noise significant?

  surfsteruk 23:13 02 Mar 2006

I guess a System like that would need loads of cooling and therefore alot of noise.

I bought and built a system not long ago and installed 3 fans. 2 on the case and 1 AMD heatsink fan. The stock AMD Fan was by far the noisiest fan I've ever heard. The case fans noise were easily solved by using a fan controller. I did away with the AMD fan and heatsink and installed water cooling. Now the whole PC is almost silent, just a slight humming.

I guess with the AMD 64 X2 will come with a Stock heatsink and fan so I would presume that its also going to be as noisy as mine.

Its going to be difficult in finding out how noisey a system is going to be without actually hearing the product yourself.

Remember, you can always silence PC's afterwards via aftermarket heatsinks and fans. Just like what i did.

  ade.h 23:55 02 Mar 2006

Once you have fitted quality fans - and placed them strategically to direct airflow - significant further gains can be made with accoustic foam case-lining, silicone fan mounts and silicon case feet. click here for all that you need.

  phoenix198 07:51 03 Mar 2006

There is a further potential source of fan noise if the machine you have in mind has a NForce4 based motherboard.

Many older/cheaper NForce4 motherboards have a small fast spinning fan to cool the Southbridge chipset - my Foxconn N4K8 motherboard being an example. It is far and away the loudest and most irritating source of noise from the PC, and there is very little I can do about it (without fitting an acoustic foam lining to the PC, which can compromise heat dispersion) because there is no room to fit a passive cooler without obstructing the 16x PCI-E slot.

I am not sure whether this applies to the Evesham system concerned, but it is something to bear in mind if your aim is a quiet PC.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:04 03 Mar 2006

My Athlon 64 4000+ is cooled quietly, and very efficiently, by a Zalman CNPS9500. I would not hesitate to recommend it.

  TIMSMITH 09:28 03 Mar 2006

Thanks for your comments and advice. I think I'll go with it and if it turns out to be a bit noisy take steps to correct it then. What's the alternative? Our use will be normal family bit of gaming (nothing complex) so would it help if I left the processor at 3800? Or would this noticeably reduce the efficeincy of the pc?

  ade.h 17:52 03 Mar 2006

Given the 939 socket appears to be on the AMD roadmap for the long term (insomuch as it can be assured!) I would go with the slower CPU. It will still be very quick indeed and will more than handle your likely usage without breaking a sweat. Save a few quid and hopefully lose a little bit of heat into the bargain.

  TIMSMITH 18:18 03 Mar 2006

Thanks for your advice - most helpful (and economical!) I think I'll go for an AMD 64X3800 along with 1GB RAM. I was probably getting a bit carried away considering our usage is really quite ordinary and would proabably never notice any difference between 3800 and 4200. You've saved me £60. Thanks.
With your help and that of others, I've decided on the supplier, processor, RAM, hard drive capacity, graphics card (nVidia 6800), monitor (Viewsonic vx715 17") etc...
And I thought the £3.80 PC Advisor cost me was a little steep!
Wish I had something to contribute myself...
Thanks everyone.

  ade.h 18:29 03 Mar 2006

Thanks for the feedback; it's much appreciated and we don't always get it.

£60 is a substantial saving! I would not want to pay that for a couple of extra points in a benchmark, which is about all that it would achieve for an average user.

When you get the PC and it's up and running, let us know what you think; naturally, we mostly get negative feedback and happy folk tend not to mention it!

  bfoc 07:50 04 Mar 2006

But I have an Evesham AMD 64 x2 4200 and I wouldn't class it as very noisy, even though it sits at my feet.

There is clearly some heavyweight cooling gong on inside, since if you position the machine wrongly (so that the front case edging is touching something) there is a noticeable increase in vibration noise. That can be handy though since it usually means it has got jammed against the side/back of the desk and I would be restricting the airflow!

I have found it to be a great machine!

  TIMSMITH 17:38 04 Mar 2006

Not too late at all. Am intending to order this coming week. Thanks for the encouraging contribution, bfoc.

Will get to back to let you know how things go, Ade.h. It's the least I can do.

Thanks again everyone.

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