Evesham aftersales letdown

  dragoncm4 11:35 04 Nov 2005

I have an Evesham Voyager 64 laptop. Recently on September 12th my PSU went on the blink and died. Apparently a solar flare may have been the culpret.

On September 15th I ordered and paid for a new PSU from the Evesham shop in London W1.
It is now November 4th and still no sign of my PSU, nor a firm delivery date.
In the meantime I am unable to use my laptop.

For some reason Evesham uses a PSU that is not only incompatable with any other laptop, but also most of their own other laptop models.

This is the most frustrating experience I have ever come accross, and it seems to me that they just can not be bothered to order a couple of PSUs to satisfy the needs of one or two consumers.

If anyone has a suggestion (other than buying Dell) please let me know.

  Forum Editor 13:45 04 Nov 2005

than I would have done in the circumstances.

Send me a reminder via the envelope next to my name - I'm on the move at the moment, and may forget. When I get back to the office I'll see if I can do something to get your order expedited. bear in mind that it's Friday - I probably won't have any success this side of the weekend, but I'll get the ball rolling.

  Forum Editor 13:50 04 Nov 2005

I've been in touch with Evesham from my current location.

You might see a post from them today, and no doubt they'll need details of your name/order number etc., so stand by.

  Forum Editor 23:09 04 Nov 2005

to let me know that they'll be investigating your case on Monday.

Sit tight until then, and no doubt you'll be hearing from them - either directly or through this thread.

  Forum Editor 16:09 07 Nov 2005

and the situation is this:-

Evesham buy in the batteries from Shanghai, and at the moment they are waiting for 55 of them for back orders. Because they are a unique item they have the same problem as you - there's no alternative. Evesham have been trying to get them from Mitac - so far without success.

They have promised to keep me updated and I understand that they will contact you direct.

Evesham "do not have the same problem as you" - they are bulk buyers who have let themselves down by failing to plan for the future and keeping enough supplies in stock and/or they are guilty of putting all their eggs in one basket by having no alternatives.
Please dont try to support them when they are in the wrong.

  anchor 09:59 10 Nov 2005

I hope that dragoncm4 will be suitably recompensed for this serious inconvenience.

It seems at present Evesham are even unable to give a date when the matter will be settled.

  dragoncm4 13:10 10 Nov 2005

I Spoke to Evesham customer service, who incidentaly didnt seem to know the difference between a battery and a PSU. Anyway the upshot of this was that they could not promise delivery of the PSU before 30th November at the earliest. Having had quite enough of this saga, I have now bought one from an independant supplier that I found on the internet. It cost £15 pounds more than via Evesham but was delivered in 48 hours. Quite why Evesham were unable to do this I don't know. Evesham have refunded the money for the original PSU purchase.

  anchor 13:45 10 Nov 2005

Glad that you have resolved this.

"nul points" to Evesham.

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