Laurence99 17:49 09 Jan 2004

I am about to buy a new PC and Evesham has shown up as a hot favourite.
All the reviews about PC and specs seems very good, but I have found an awfull lot of very bad reviews on the NET about their after sales support.

Particularly in relation to faulty hardware being blamed on software, having to re-install all your orignal software before an engineer comes out, no hardware support if you upgrade or install new hardware, spamming & delayed responses, etc.. etc...

Before I buy a new PC I would like some advice and hear from anyone else who has experienced support from this company recently.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:15 09 Jan 2004

I have a 5 year old Evesham and have just bought a Medion from PCW. I have not heard many bad reports about Evesham and most of the reports are positive and complimentary. There is only a small chance that you will ever need serious technical support and for most glitches this forum is way better for help. Like everyhting else in life you will mainly hear about consumer's woes and rarely hear anyhting if an item is OK.

Having said that I feel that the Medion range pans anything of similar ilk (price and spec) from Evesham. ;-)))


  bfoc 18:21 09 Jan 2004

Evesham Tech Support is pretty good, much better than some I've had to deal with!

Also do remember they have an active presence here and that should help you in the, hopefully unlikely, event you should need it.

  hoverman 18:23 09 Jan 2004

I have purchased 2 PC's from Evesham and each time I have needed home warranty support it has been provided with the utmost speed and efficiency. Do not believe the negative reports about Evesham's after sales support. As I have said in this Forum several timnes before - their support is second to none.

  thisisnighthawk 21:10 10 Jan 2004

I have had a few PC's in my time and for aftersales care Evesham are at the top..the Evesham i have at the moment played up when i first got it, they did not mess around, they replaced it......

  Troodles 20:23 11 Jan 2004

I purchased my Evesham computer about 8 months ago and I have had no major problems. The Technical support which is open on a Saturday has always been excellent and have managed to sort out any problems that I have had.

I would definitely buy an Evesham machine again.

  anchor 20:19 19 Jan 2004

I would give full marks to Evesham Tech Support. If the problem can`t be sorted out over the phone, they WILL send an engineer.

This comment is based on personal experience.

  anniel 10:36 20 Jan 2004

Some users will recall I had a faulty CD Writer with my new Evesham, just before Christmas. The technical help was excellent and after they had determined the problem could not be solved, they sent an engineer promptly and replace the offending writer, without questions asked.

I had intended to get another Dell PC. Apart from their inferior specification, the service I received when making an enquiry to their Indian outpost, convinced me that I needed a reliable service based in UK.

I have not regretted my decision.

Go with Evesham, make sure you take the option of at least one year on site service and I am sure you will be satisfied.....pity I could not persuade my husband, who nearly bought an Evesham, but decided on Mesh on the basis of cost!!! we will wait and see.

  SteveU 18:12 23 Jan 2004

Would I buy another Evesham computer?

We have a couple of Evesham machines and the newer one (about 16 months old,) crashed ten days ago. It would not even run the Bios; not even the Dodo was deader! Luckily, it had started misbehaving as we had just completed a back-up (with a couple of crashes interrupting things,) and it finally went toally dead half way through a defrag process. We reckoned we had a hard disc problem.

We only buy machines with next-day on-site service, so I thought a quick call to Evesham would get it sorted.

Quick? It took two days to get a reply to the phone (not contiuously holding on, I will admit, but then we are trying to run a business too, and spending more than an hour at a time devoted to listening to badly amplified music is just not possible.) When we finally got through and had had gone through the telephone diagnostic process, a service call was eventually booked: for eight days on. It seems that my acceptance of next-day service when the machine was ordered did not make the system and could not be checked back as "all the sales staff at that time are no longer with us." So we are stuck with the "standard" service.

So we stumble on for eight days and the engineer comes, replaces the motherborad and removes the corrupt Intel LAN card which came with the machine (and which we have not bothered about as we use the on-board card.)

Up she boots; does a trial copy of a CD (always a source of potential problems with this machine,)off goes the very helpful engineer and all was OK... for half an hour.

The new mother board did not recognise the scanner and so half way through replacing that software, the thing went down again.

This time we got through within half an hour by using a slightly sideways approach and, running through the system with the engineer, it became apparant that the machine would not format the disc or do anything else. The "solution" of posting off another Evesham boot disc (you don't get a proper copy of Windows with the machine,) was not acceptable; or even worthwhile as we also tried the disc supplied with the other machine in the office.

So another service vist has been booked: for next Thursday. (Six days hence and that, apparently is the result of pulling out all the stops,) That will make it a minimum of two weeks without the machine (if it is fixed then,) which is having an unacceptable effect on the business.

Having got into PCs on the day Amstrad launched the PCW, we have dealt with many computer firms in the past, always buying on reputation as much as anything else, but getting service has never been like this. Even Quantex kept up the 24 hour turn round after they pulled out of the country.

If I left one of my customers with a broken installtion of ours for two weeks, I know what the result would be.

And the most annoying thing? There is no way of getting hold of anyone in authority. The service engineers and customer service people are obviously under orders to not even disclose names of the powers that be and it would be extremely unfair to sound off at the people at the end of the 'phone. The problems are not their fault, but the fault of those skulking in anominity in the background.

  Bill H 18:58 23 Jan 2004

We can only speak from our own experiences here after all. Mine with Evesham: Same day call-back and get sorted on queries promptly. Big contrast to my previous supplier. It's why I bought one even though Mesh sometimes look better on price.

  anchor 19:56 23 Jan 2004

Sorry to hear of your problem SteveU.

There is a special PCA e-mail contact which normally gets a prompt response. At this moment I cannot recall it, but I am sure someone will, and post it here. Could be useful for the future.

I must say that I personally have not found them secretive in giving the names of their senior technical people.

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