ams4127 20:15 09 Jun 2003

Now that I have had my Evesham for a few weeks I thought I’d bore you all and let you know how the whole deal went. The machine was ordered by phone and delivered slightly before the date quoted. It was left with my next door neighbours, though this had not been requested. A bit worrying, that.

It was unpacked, connected up and booted with no major problems. It has continued to perform faultlessly since.


I have had several problems with the instructions, setup and general build quality.

The machine has an Audigy 2 card connected to the supplied Creative Inspire 6700 speakers. The sound from these is awful. You get treble and bass but with no midrange response. Leaving them switched on while just using the computer results in endless crackles and bangs. They are so bad that I have removed them and put my old Creative 5.1 set back which has cured everything. Since the Audigy is running these, the fault must be in the 6700 speakers themselves.

When discussing the purchase I asked if the “multiformat” DVD writer was the Sony DRU-500A and was told that it did the same thing but was made by Panasonic. Unfortunately, what Evesham mean by “multiformat” and what Sony mean are totally different! It works with DVD-R/RW and DVD RAM, but not DVD+R/RW. There is nothing in the setup instructions or anywhere else telling you anything about this drive. I had to e-mail Tech Support (very quick response) to find out what disks it used.

To-day I opened the case to install a third HDD (it was a spare from my last machine) and noticed a rattle when laying the computer on it’s side. I picked it up again and a screw fell out! There don’t appear to be any missing, so it’s gone into my “spares” drawer! The two HDDs are connected to IDE channels 3 and 4 in a raid array. The DVD ROM and DVD RAM drives are connected to IDE1 with IDE2 being spare. The IDE cable to the DVD drives was stretched as tight as a bowstring and was starting to come out of the motherboard socket. I replaced it with a longer one. The whole inside of the computer is very untidy with little effort being made to tie cables back out of the way.

I’ve got to dismantle it all again next week because the back plate hasn’t been fitted properly and the LEDs on the front panel need fitting (I ran out of time to-day).

The build quality leaves a lot to be desired which I have found disappointing considering the number of threads praising Evesham. However the machine is both fast and stable and the LG Flatron TFT is amazing.

  Steven135 20:32 09 Jun 2003

I have an Evesham and I have set up two more systems for friends have to say you appear to be the exception to the general rule of excellent product and support.

What response did you get from Evesham regarding your complaints?

  kagan 20:49 09 Jun 2003

Read your thread with interest as I have purchased a PC from Evesham ( allegedly !)as I am still waiting on Delivery. I ordered the Evolution 3CR With some upgrades. 1 GB ddr memory. 200 Gig HD. logitech cordless keyboard & mouse, on the 20 th May , I was told over the phone that it was 9 days Delivery !! After two weeks without a word ( I paid by Debit Card £2586 ouch! ) I rang only, to be passed about a bit and finally Last week, Laura informed me that they are trying to obtain Some parts from a different supplier, there is a shortage on Motherboards and 200gig HD.. I am prepared to give them the opportunity to still provide me with the PC I ordered, as some of the parts are
the latest gear.

watch this space..

  ams4127 19:01 10 Jun 2003

Steven135. I have been known as the exception to the rule for most of my life! I have made no complaint to Evesham.

The speaker problem is probably down to interference of some kind and is not of any great significance. The other things I can sort out myself with a couple of hours work.

kagan. My machine is a P4 3.06GHz with 1GB RAM, Gigabyte M/B, 2x80GB HDDs (Plus my other 60GB) giving a total capacity of 220GB. Radeon 9700, DVD writer, LG 1810 TFT monitor, Microsoft cordless keyboard and mouse. I am delighted with it's performance and I'm sure that you will be with yours when it arrives.

I realise that not every computer made is perfect in every way and mine is one of those few which aren't. This thread was not intended as a complaint, rather just a story of how the whole thing went from my perspective.

The only computer I have ever had (I've been using them as a hobby since 1981) which was without any fault was my last one. That was a Panrix - and look what happened to them!

I have a Compaq machine. All well & good but found I was getting assorted noises coming from speakers also. I eventually re-routed the cabling and found it went away. It could possibly be mains bourne interference affecting the power supply in the speaker set-up. Generally with speakers they either make a sound or dont. Unless they have been absolutely hammered/over-loaded it is unusual for them to produce strange noises with any input signal.

  Danoh 21:42 10 Jun 2003

My Evesham PC is just over 1 year old and the internals were all tidy and well done. All it takes is one bad quality job to bring down the hard won reputation. Hope Evesham has some record of assembly routing so they can check out who were involved for Quality Control beefing up!!

For myself, there were some minor missing items; mouse, XP restore CD. Would have been a bigger issue if it was my first PC!

  heepster 22:02 10 Jun 2003

I have had three Eveshams in total and have been very pleased in all aspects. Great company in my humble opinion.

  Philip2 12:29 11 Jun 2003

I have two Evesham computers no problems the only gripe i have is they won't service your computer if you have added new hardware or changed your OS say from ME to XP you would have to return it to as it was when it left the factory.

  Danoh 13:54 11 Jun 2003

So if I want to add a network card or USB 2 card, I need to send it back to Evesham for the warranty to remain valid?!!!

  Evesham Support 14:29 11 Jun 2003

We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your Evesham Technology computer system.

If you could kindly e-mail your serial number and a contact telephone number to [email protected] we will arrange for you to be contacted immediately in order that we may provide you with assistance.

Kindest regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology Ltd

  ams4127 19:49 11 Jun 2003

Thank you all for your replies.

Gazzer99. That was what I had thought too. At the time it was easier to simply change speakers than investigate further. I will sort it out in the near future.

I have no intention of allowing this thread of mine to pull down Evesham's reputation. I repeat that I am more than happy with this computer and will buy from Evesham again.

I will e-mail Evesham at the address given in my thread if only to assure them that I can fix the couple of remaining niggles myself. As I stated in the first post, I have used their tech support once; it was fast and the answer given was what I wanted.

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