Evesham 32' Alqemi SX LCD TV

  Ranger 08:52 11 Dec 2006

Has anyone bought one of these from Evesham? thoughts on it would be appreciated as i'm thinking of purchasing a couple of them.

  neil79 12:18 11 Dec 2006

Stunning is all i can say, i had to wait for mine as they were out of stock. Well worth the wait, picture is amazing and sound is good. I think the Alqemi won an award in another Mag as well this month.

To think i was going to spend nearer £900 for a Sony or Samsung.

  Ranger 11:16 12 Dec 2006

cheers neil79, after your positive note and some on the avforums I have decided to order one for the moment and take it from there

  tony58 20:25 12 Dec 2006

advertising ?

  Ranger 23:48 12 Dec 2006


  tony58 19:03 13 Dec 2006

is this an advertisment

  Ranger 15:03 15 Dec 2006

No, what makes you think it's a advertisment?

  neil79 15:48 15 Dec 2006

I thought the point of forums was to talk about & pass on advice on products that other people own or have used.

So the fact i have bought in my view a good product at a price which i think is very resonable is therfore an advert? I'll keep my mouth shut next time i have useful experience and not feel guilty if a fellow forum user buys what could only be described as a clanger of a product.

  ICF 17:23 15 Dec 2006

tony58 advertising ?

ERR isn't this forum consumer watch.They whole point is to pass on good and bad experiences as a consumer.

  Ranger 19:39 16 Dec 2006

Cheers ICF

that's what I always thought the consumerwatch part was for, glad someone else agrees, oh and just to complete the "advertising" I received the above TV a couple of days after ordering and as neil79 says the picture is stunning, in fact I would go as far as to say it is every bit as good as a Samsung I have that cost me over £1600 and the Samsung only has 1 year warranty as opposed to the 3 with the Alqem, well done Evesham

PS now that I have seen it in the flesh i'm buying another

  So Simple 23:30 16 Dec 2006

Is there a difference between the SX version and the standard one?

Looks identical spec apart from a digital tuner and as a sky user is there any advantage in paying an extra £100 over the standard version.

Having been looking for a flat panel for a while, the price seems too good to be true!

As for the suggestion of advertising, unless you work for Evesham and the set is as good as stated, whats the problem?

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