iqs 12:41 23 Jun 2007

Hi,Following on from hophog's thread...I bought a Pc from them 3 months a go.I spent £1,100,£800 was on 12 months interest free.

If the worse happens,I hope it does not,how would this affect me?.

What would happen if my Pc failed,and the clever forum members could not help?

What about the £800 I owe?.

Would i be out of pocket £1,100?.


  Dizzy Bob 13:02 23 Jun 2007

I assume that Evesham do not provide the credit themselves, the probably use a finance house like HFC or similar.

Evesham will have recieved full payment for the goods from the finance house, your agreement is with the finance provider to pay back the loan on the terms agreed. Although it is on 12 months interest free, you will probably find that the terms of the credit agreement are for a longer period of time, with a 'no interest buy out' option after 12 months. Are you simply paying the cost of the machine divided by 12 each month? or smaller payments with a lump sum at the end?

It way be worth checking the agreement that you signed to confirm if it is indeed with Evesham themselves, or with a 3rd party finance provider.

This is probably a good thing, as the finance provider will be jointly liable for the goods under section 75 of the consumer credit act.

Hope this helps,


  iqs 13:14 23 Jun 2007

Dizzy Bob,and thanks for your comments.

The credit agreement was with V12 finance.

Hypothetically speaking,if the worse did happen,how are my bank and V12 obligated under section 75.How does this help me.

Sorry for asking,but you seem very knowledgeable on this subject.


  webb204 14:44 23 Jun 2007

hi ,what warranty did you get ,i got the platinum 3yr inhouse with my evesham pc

  spuds 14:46 23 Jun 2007

Your bank would not be responsible, it would be V12 if the deal was for computer package finance,an not something else.

But as stated, your finance arrangement is with V12, and not with Evesham, even though it could be an Evesham subsidiary company.

  webb204 14:47 23 Jun 2007

oops ,sorry just read the other thread,bit worried now !although if it was bought out surely the new owner would be obliged to honour any warranty?

  iqs 15:24 23 Jun 2007

webb204 and spuds,thanks for your help.webb204,like you I purchased the platinum 3yrs in home.

spuds,I will check if V12 are part of Evesham.

Cheers all...

  Forum Editor 15:27 23 Jun 2007

would be obliged to honour any warranty?"

Not necessarily, it would depend on the conditions attached to the sale. We don't have any hard and fast information about the situation as yet, so perhaps it might be best to wait a while.

  Dizzy Bob 16:00 23 Jun 2007

This explains it pretty well.

click here

Applies to credit agreements as well as credit cards as credit is provided under a pre existing arrangement. (paragraph 5 of thge link)

Hopefully we are jumping the gun, and Evesham will continue well into the future.


  wee eddie 16:47 23 Jun 2007

I wish them and their employees the very best of luck.

If they are forced to lower their Standards of Service, then we are the looses.

  Lettervanman 17:34 23 Jun 2007

wee eddie
Amen to that! I have always had good service from Evesham, not everything worked perfectly to start with but they were happy to keep at it until it did! That's what sorts the good from the bad as far as I'm concerned.

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