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  Jimmy J. 14:14 05 Jul 2006

I have ben looking around for a laptop now for a month or so now and after a couple of visits to Evesham Technology Altrincham branch and there website which quoted (and still quotes) 9 working days delivery I decided to purchase a C720DC 17" Laptop there. However curiously as soon as I handed over my cash on the 26th May 2006 2006 the assistant said build/delivery would be 13 working days just to be on the safe side and not the 9 previously given. As you have probably realised today is the 5th July 2006 and in just a day or so time six weeks have elapsed. As I have had no confirmation of delivery as yet I can predict with some degree of accuracy that it's doubtful if the item will be delivered by then. I am angry Why well I feel I have been duped when the order was order taken they said delivery would be 13th May, there website (look at it now ) states delivery in approx 9 working days. Now I'm 50, I feed myself, my head does not button up the back and I have to say that I too have a wicked sense of humour and as a result I am fully aware of the meaning of the word "Approximate" but please Six Weeks On after paying almost two grand cash and still no goods "Come On" this is Deception surely? Just been informed that they had ran out of chassis? Apply this line to say buying a car. "Sorry you know the car you ordered well you'll never guess I'm afraid weve only gone and run out of chassis. I have rang the shop the person I ordered the item with has now left the company hope that is not a bad omen? however when my reference was punched into the shops computer system I was told "Yeah mate it's down to build, thing is though I have had loads and loads of customers ringing up who have been waiting at least 2 MONTH'S for there order and I know they are building in date order so......... I asked if after (almost) six weeks the system provides a delivery date. No Mate but that would be great if it did was the reply. Am I on my own here or does anyone else feel that this is totally unacceptable and an extremely deceptive practice.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:29 05 Jul 2006

I have to say that in this day and age accurately predicting stock levels and shortages and then applying these to a website/customer service is not rocket science. There does seem to be a few companies that seem to be overly optimistic on delivery times and I would be concerned at this practice.


  Jimmy J. 14:51 05 Jul 2006

Gandolf I totally agree with you in fact the line I used was "Rocket Science" As soon as an order is inputted an accurate build/delivery date should be instantly available based on actual stocked components. The company are fully aware, based on fact(physical stock) that they are not going to honour those times quoted so why quote them and why deceive?

  €dstowe 15:08 05 Jul 2006

I thought that firms like this bought in pre-made laptops and rebadged them.

Laptop construction requires complex jigging and large automation to produce a machine within a reasonable price scale. This is not practical for the relatively small number that a concern like Evesham would need.

Withdraw your goodwill, demand a refund of all the money paid out and go elsewhere.

  dontmeshwithme 15:51 05 Jul 2006

When will companies learn that one of the key areas to good customer relationship is good communication. I agree with €dstowe, request a full refund as they have exceeded the 28 day statutory maximum. Also have the price of the laptop changed since you placed the order?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:12 05 Jul 2006

Just for clarification, I realise that if a company is buying in parts/whole computers they can be at the mercy of the suppliers and I can understand if predicted delivery dates go awry but I cannot understand the vagueness that accompanies this. If they would fess up and say that there are problems I feel that people would understand a little more and be a bit more amenable.

  Jimmy J. 16:22 05 Jul 2006

dontmeshwithme & £dstowe. I have already contacted Eve Sham they, said read your contract. Under Delivery it specifically states Delivery dates on the invoice are purely "Approximate" So I contacted Consumerwatch they confirmed it's one of those grey areas not much they can do as delivery is Approximate and another word which was mentioned was "Force Majeure" Which is basically another word that means "Tough" The the company is not liable and therefore cannot be held responsible for suppliers production problems ie Chasiss. Consumerwatch advised me to get back in touch if I don't recieve the Laptop within the next 2/3 weeks? Since ordered the Laptop has reduced in price by £70.

  €dstowe 16:33 05 Jul 2006

There is approximate and there is extracting the proverbial. They are being utterly unreasonable in this. A visit/phone call to your local Trading standards may be in order.

If there is such a problem with this model, why are they still offering it for sale?

Why haven't you been offered an alternative?

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:57 05 Jul 2006

I'm rather surprised at this thread, Evesham generally seem to have a reputation for good customer service. I would have thought they would be keen to maintain that reputation and not throw it away.

  Forum Editor 19:38 05 Jul 2006

(which is obviously a French legal phrase) is:-

"All circumstances, independent of the will of man, and which it is not in his power to control"

It's very commonly included in contract terms, particularly in the construction industry. Evesham are right to assert that they cannot be held liable for delays which occur as a direct result of a third party's failure to supply vital parts. If the contract terms specifically state that delivery forecasts are approximate, then that's that - you entered into a contract on those terms, and there was no deception involved.

However...........if you were given a clear promise of a delivery date, and that promise was made to you by an agent of the company (someone employed by them to sell computers), then you might have a case for breach. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what it is you want/expect to achieve here. If the computer isn't available it's not available, and all the Trading Standards advice in the world isn't going to change that. Presumably Evesham have a good reason for telling you that there are supply chain problems, and that's probably that there really are supply chain problems.

I know this is frustrating, but it's important to be realistic - If you don't want to wait for your computer, ask for a refund, and buy one somewhere else. Given the circumstances I doubt there's much else you (or anyone else) can do.

  Jimmy J. 11:07 06 Jul 2006

Thanks for all your responses it is appreciated. Anyone out there ever asked to peruse a contract that is barely visible anyway? prior to buying something my guess is No Why? on earth not well most people listen to the salesman and if the salesman says delivery will be 9 days but we will say 13 days just to be on the safe side then delivery is 13 days, how many people you know have ever said 13 days hey come off it let me see your terms & conditions contract my guess is None. Curiously you might want to ponder on this one since ordering I have checked there website almost daily reason was to check price had not got up/down and also noted the quoted delivery times which has never altered they have remain and still remain at 9 working days, despite the fact that Eve Sham were fully aware that they could not possibly honour the delivery dates quoted and that Sir in my mind is deception. If Eve Sham or any other company cannot honour a quoted delivery date then it's very very simple don't quote them, my guess is they have little or no intentions of not doing so the fact is they want your cash and will do anything to get it and if that means giving out either verbally or on via a website spurious misleading delivery times to spike sales then so be it. I am an ordinary Joe who has been lets say at the very least grossly misled the purpose of this post is clear and simple to inform, It's my personal experience however at the end of the day will I buy my next desktop at Eve Sham I very much doubt it do you.

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