Evaluating Corel's WordPerfect11&12 Office Suite

  mbp 12:52 06 Nov 2004

Browsing around I found, "Using WordPerfect12" Special edition. Covers Versions 11 & 12 by Laura Acklen and Read Gilgen at Amazon. co.uk (£20.29). With another book, I ordered it 4th November and today 6th Nov.I received it freepost before 10.00 am. I think that this is fantastic service. It has 887 pages.

Glancing through it my impressions are that as a manual, it is written in simple English and very easy to follow. It certainly has answered all my possible questions about Corel's WordPerfect 11&12 suites.I needed an Office Suite that was within my budget,(CorelWPOffice 11=US$25.99), cost effective, compatible, flexible, customizable,and easy to use program. My research pointed to Corel 11 WP Office Suite.

The bonus points are (1) A fully customizable Grammar and Spell Check, (2) an in line Oxford dictionary, (3) Publish to PDF, (4) a conversion utility to batch convert files from formats including MSWord, RTF and more, and (5) Formatting control using Reveal Codes. The most attractive is the customizable programs to fit the needs of the user. Several of the items are not as flexible in MS Office Suite. Now I am going to get a storm of protests, I am sure.

  €dstowe 14:15 06 Nov 2004

I won't start a storm of protests but did you consider Open Office? click here

This office suite has the huge advantage over almost all of the others in that it is FREE.

  mbp 14:59 06 Nov 2004

Excellent program providing you are satisfied with all its functions. If I remember correctly, it does not have a Grammar check, nor an on line Dictionary, and I am not so sure that it can do batch file conversion as well. These are minor points for those who do not require such functions. But these three functions are important to me.

  tonyuk72 03:53 07 Nov 2004

Theres no escaping the fact that Corel Office is a fantastic & truely powerful piece of Kit. I should imagine that you will NOT find an old computer user whom has not spent time with Wordperfect, Paradox or Quattro Pro to name just a few of the applications which accompany CO. Superb, OO could learn a thing or two about how programs should be.

  mbp 11:34 07 Nov 2004

I have yet to come across anyone who has used Word Perfect (WP) to have criticisms of the program. There is nothing wrong with Open Office (Freeware) which is an excellent office suite that will do 90% of what MS's Office will do. I had it on my HD. But MS's Office is very expensive for anyone on a tight budget,even the student version. So I have searched thoroughly and decided that WP met my acute and peculiar requirements. As version 12 was out, I found price drops in ver.11, and I also selected an OEM version, cutting down the price a lot. Otherwise Corel's retail price for the standard suite v.11 was US$300 compared to MS Office at US$479. WordPerfect Suite is not a cheapo suite by any means. But I wanted certain features not found elsewhere in the combination I desired, already mentions previously.

WP is extremely user friendly, and customisable at almost every stage to my needs. It also has an excellent presentation program. The WP program was designed originally for the legal profession, with an excellent pleading Wizard. It is now the favoured Office suite of academics and lawyers. I therefore must assume that preciseness in the WordPerfect word processor must be suitable for people in these professions. This will suit me fine. Not everyone would wish to pay to have such features as they do not need it. But I find that the two words, friendly & fully customizable very desirable features to have, if you spend any length of time using a word processor. In this respect, I think I have found the best word processor suite on the market, at this time.

  tehtarek 17:32 14 May 2005


I just flashed thro some search result sites and saw WP12 OEM for sale at US$9.90. Sorry, I wasnt interested and didnt take note of address.

  mbp 18:46 14 May 2005

It is an amazing price. Just make sure that it is legit. OEM's do not receive Corel's tech support but it depends on the level of skill you have. The independent forum on Word Perfect is an excellent place to get technical information. Some people use a Work Processor a lot in their work and Word Perfect will give them the flexibility that no other word processor does. My advice for someone who becomes hooked on Word Perfect is to obtain a legit Retail Copy, but if you are looking for a discounted price, look up Ebay. Make sure the Seller is reputable, and don't go for the cheapest.

  SURVEY 18:52 14 May 2005

WordPerfect Office Suite always has been far superior to Microsoft Office. The sad thing is that Microsodft is the commercial standard and has been for some years and therefore many of us who know and like WordPerfect WP and Spreadsheet (Qauttro Pro) have had to succumb to the inevitable and use Microsoft.

  DieSse 00:39 15 May 2005

Also have a look at Star Office - this is the commercial version of Open Office (in effect) - and somewhat more advanced - yet less than $76.

Currently lots of free training and help thrown in at the front end.

click here

  Forum Editor 00:59 15 May 2005

Word Perfect was indeed "...far superior to Microsoft Office" we would all be using it. The fact that MS Office is the commercial standard is no accident. Over the years hard-headed corporate network administrators and IT directors have made the decision, based on feedback from their users.

  TomJerry 10:24 15 May 2005

MS Office only costs £20 a seat with large volumn license, if someone want to but wordperfect, it would costs over £100

so, MS win in every time for the cost and support reason

only very very few use wordperfect becuase they want to be different

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