European GARMIN 2610 = EUR 880 before tax & del.

  Sparrowhawk 16:51 09 Jun 2004


Found these good prices for Garmin Street Pilots 26XX.

Anybody did use this shop?

Any feedback much appreciated. Thanks in advance,

GARMIN 2610 = EUR 880 before tax & delivery

click here

GARMIN 2620 = EUR 1100 before tax & delivery

click here

Delivery probably ~EUR 30

  Sparrowhawk 12:33 10 Jun 2004

Apparently, GARMIN 2 years warranty covered across Europe. So no point
for me to pay £890 in the UK for EU GARMIN 2610 that I could pay
£710 in Portugal (incl. VAT & delivery)

click here

All our products are brand new, in box, always with the original user
guides in English language. They have a 2 years warranty issued by the
manufacturers, that can be applied in all the countries we ship to.
If after receiving your goods, your products have a mal-function, you
should call our support line within one week and ask for instructions
on how to have a replacement.
The shipping costs will be always supported by the customer,
accordingly to european legislation.

  Sparrowhawk 16:18 10 Jun 2004

If bought from the site below, price incl. tax & delivery in of GARMIN 2610 would be GBP 730.

GARMIN 2610 = EUR 880 before tax & delivery

click here

EUR 880 (GARMIN 2610)
+ EUR 30 (Delivery)
= EUR 1,082.90 (Price including delivery & VAT)
= GBP 715.52 (10 June 2004 exchange rates)
+ GBP 14.31 (2% commission which is max. with credit card payment in Europe with my bank)
= GBP 730 (not too bad considering cheapest price in UK is £890)

  Sparrowhawk 18:03 10 Jun 2004

Answer from Duarte Braga from click here:

we buy all GPS's from Garmin and Magellan European Distributors. All of our Garmin and Magellan products are genuine european versions. They are not modified US versions, so all the basemaps, detailed maps, etc will be the regular european ones. Power supplies will always be 220V regulated.
Prices are the following:
Road Mate 700 - £790.00 (VAT incl)
StreetPilot 2620 - £866.00 (VAT incl)
StreetPilot 2610 - £693.00 (VAT incl)
Be aware that you will be charged in Euros. The prices in GBP considered are based on a EUR/GBP = 0,66

  Sparrowhawk 11:28 11 Jun 2004

As some competitors in the UK tried to justify the price difference with click here with some UK specs?, I did contact GARMIN.

For me, there are not such UK specs but there is one single EUROPEAN model.

See Garmin's answer below:


Thank you for your email.

I have not heard of this website, but that is not to say that they do not purchase units off of one of our distributors.

They clearly state that that Street Pilot 2610 on their site is a genuine European unit.

Thank you,
Best regards,

Chris Long.

Garmin (Europe) Ltd.
click here
T: 0870 8501244
F: 01794 505565

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