Euro1Net, Any Recommendations Or Gripes?

  DavidM4 14:06 12 Nov 2005

Looking for a new BB provider and stumbled across these fellas, they are offering 1meg unlimited for £10 a month, so far I know very little about them except you have to pay it up front in 12 or 24 month contracts. Can anyone shed a bit of light on the subject?

  Stuartli 23:39 12 Nov 2005

UKOnline, a well known ISP, offers 1MB at £10 a month if it has its equipment in your exchange, otherwise it's slightly more per month including 2MB unlimited for £14.99 and goes up to 22MB...:-)

See: click here

  DavidM4 11:23 13 Nov 2005

Hiya mate, yeah checked UKOnline out & it would be 20quid for 1mb in my area. Just wanted some feedback about Euro1Net to make sure they're up to scratch but it seems very little is known about them.

  DavidM4 11:25 13 Nov 2005

PS I've forgotten how SLOOOOOOOOW dial up is, need my speed back pronto!

  Stuartli 13:42 13 Nov 2005

>>but it seems very little is known about them.>>

That was why I mentioned UKOnline.

Expensive though in your case although the website doesn't seem to indicate such prices.

  Christo182 20:58 14 Nov 2005

I recently signed up for this offer and have had no probs with them so far! They also offer you an extra month free if you already have your own equipment and don't need the free modem! Hope this helps.


Ps If you do decide to sign up my refferal code is 201168!

  bored_jon 22:50 20 May 2006

If you dont use the internet too intensely, or dont use applications that a latency dependent (ie games) then they are fine.

However, if you want to game during peak hours, forget about it. Pings go through the roof. However during the day and after midnight pings are very good 20-30ms.

Surfing = yes
Gaming = NO!! NO!!! NO!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!

  realist 16:39 25 Aug 2006

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