Epson printer

  dblspace 13:34 05 Apr 2003

Just got an Epson stylus c62,to my disgust the instuctions are just a folded up sheet with French
on one side and English on the other,I expected
decent manuals similar to the Epson stylus 820 I
got a few years ago which has a 40 page set up manual and an 80+ page reference guide which are
very informative,the stylus c62 is pathetic.


  -pops- 13:41 05 Apr 2003

The manuals etc are now most likely included in the CD provided with the printer. Most accessories are supplied like that now.

What real use is a paper manual except to take up shelf space and to be read once, or perhaps twice, in the whole life of the printer?

Peertinent setup instructions are given on the "folded up sheet", you can't really expect much more, can you?

If you really wanted, you could print out the manual for yourself using your new printer.


  Jackieanne 13:41 05 Apr 2003

I've got an Epson Stylus CX3200 which is (according to the ink cartridges) a c62 series & have a manual nearly an inch thick, though only the first 51 pages are in english - also got the folded sheets in various languages! Are you sure manual isn't missing?

  cracker23 15:06 05 Apr 2003

Hi.I purchased an Epson C82 a few weeks ago.With it I got several folded sheets in various languages.The main manual is on the cd.

  anchor 16:30 05 Apr 2003

Another example of this, which sadly is all too common. (The same thing happened to me last week when I bought my new Samsung laser printer).

When you need instructions to say, change a cartridge or how to load envelopes, why should we have the inconvenience to have to find the setup disc, and then find the relevant page in a pdf file. As regards printing it all out, you could probably say goodbye to your first set of ink cartridges.

Bring back the paper manual.

  -pops- 16:40 05 Apr 2003

There was a touch of irony intended in my comment about printing it out! But, it would demonstrate the capabilities of the printer.

Regarding your comment about intructions to change cartridges or whatever, this is likely to be a one off consultation of a manual, printed or on disk, after which you know how to do it.

I don't think the lack of a printed manual is a cause for disgust as stated in the original of this thread. Think of the trees being saved by now printing these, in the main useless, books and manuals.

Brian (with tongue slightly in cheek)

  dblspace 17:51 05 Apr 2003

I see the point you make but I prefer a decent manual to which I can refer to.
Thanks to all you guys for your comments, believe
me I appreciate it-------I fell better now after a good grumble


  dblspace 17:56 05 Apr 2003

Mistake---- fell should read feel-----why dont I
read what I am sending before I send it?


  -pops- 18:07 05 Apr 2003

Happens to us all!!


  dblspace 18:24 05 Apr 2003

Twas all on the cd as you mentioned, now on the hard disk, resigned to it now.


  dotterel 20:59 12 Apr 2003

I hope you have more joy with your CX2300 than I've had. (Use the search on the Helproom files to see what I mean)

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