Epson law suit

  joe95 13:37 07 Nov 2005

With Epson taking legal action against compatible carts is it still worth buying an Epson printer or am I reading too much into this.

  €dstowe 14:48 07 Nov 2005

If Epson win their battle there will be a legal precedent for all printer manufacturers follow and, likewise, outlaw compatible cartridges. If this did happen, it doesn't matter very much which printer you buy

  pj123 15:11 07 Nov 2005

I haven't heard of this? Is there a link?

Surely, if you have bought a printer it's yours. Can you not use whatever cartridges you like?

After all, I don't have to buy Daewoo tyres for my car, or Daewoo wheel trims or spark plugs etc. and the main dealer still services it with no problem.

  joe95 15:27 07 Nov 2005

pj123. There'a an article in the Computer active mag. I have just received.

  Sans le Sou 15:34 07 Nov 2005

Better buy a lorry load of ink while you can.

  Forum Editor 15:37 07 Nov 2005

Yes, that's true, but the manufacturer can refuse to service/repair/replace it if problems develop, and it's obvious (from an ink analysis) that you have used compatible cartridges.

Following the recent settlement of legal action taken in the United States against the suppliers of Print Rite branded printer cartridges, Seiko Epson Corporation (“Epson”) has started High Court proceedings in England against Mills Computer Products (International) Limited, an importer of Print Rite branded cartridges in the UK. Epson has started these proceedings to stop the importation and supply of Epson compatible printer cartridges that infringe its patents.

  pj123 16:02 07 Nov 2005

FE, "Yes, that's true, but the manufacturer can refuse to service/repair/replace it if problems develop, and it's obvious (from an ink analysis) that you have used compatible cartridges."

The emphasis being on "can refuse". But they didn't. Some time ago I bought an Epson C42 printer from a secondhand shop. It didn't work so I emailed Epson and told them. They exchanged it for a new one within two days. They didn't ask any questions about ink. So why are they now betting obsessed with this ink problem?

If they sell more printers than they do ink why worry?

  Jdoki 16:37 07 Nov 2005

Pj123 - These companies make massive amounts from the consumables - far more than they make on the hardware.

Compatible cartridges can sell for fractions of official consumables - I bought a set of 4 third-party carts for my Epson colour printer and I paid about 6quid, compared to the Epson list price I would barely have got one cartridge from them.

I seem to recall that printer manufacturers were being investigated for overcharging on the consumables.

  wiz-king 16:53 07 Nov 2005
  pj123 17:11 07 Nov 2005

Jdoki, yes I know. You can buy a Lexmark printer for a tenner but the replacement ink will cost £50. Cheaper to buy another printer.

I have two Epson printers, an 895 and an R200 now and I have always bought my replacement ink from Choice Stationery (once the original cartridges had run out).

Still haven't seen any links to this legal battle though?

  jack 17:54 07 Nov 2005

Zap em and Refill em I say
Buy oring if and when a refillered one finally dies

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