Epson ( lack of ) Customer Support

  bluemocha 08:15 04 Feb 2003

I recently bought a Epson 925 printer to supercede my Epson 760. From th eoutset, it has scratched heavy ( photographic paper, produced inferior results to the cheaper 760, and left variuos ink "splodges" in prints.
I called Epson customer [email protected] centre, who asked me to send the damaged prints, along with a CD ROm of the poorly colour matched prints. I did this. And a week later got a reply, in which the only point they addressed was the colour match " Don't use any paper other than ours" This was obviously totally unsatisfactory, and I have spent probably an hour holding on the phone over the last few weeks, calling them, writing to the Head of Customer [email protected], even calling customer services to complain about "Customer [email protected]" failing to call me back, OR reply in writing.. and nothing... Even Customer serive ( to date) hasn't called back.

What's going on? have I been unlucky?

  Stuartli 08:32 04 Feb 2003

Your experience is in direct contrast to the many threads and stories regarding Epson's exemplary after sales service.

  bluemocha 08:45 04 Feb 2003

The bizarre thing is, that on the one ocassion I had problems with my 760, Epson were fantastic, which is exactly why I find this soooo frustrating. I didn't even look at another make of printer.. Now, I'm ready to take it back to Costco, and buy an HP or canon...

  €dstow 09:13 04 Feb 2003

I, too, am surprised at the huge deterioration in Epson customer services recently. They used to be very good indeed.

Can I suggest that you hint to them that your complaint about the treatment you are getting has been publicly aired and direct them to this forum?

I suggested this to someone yesterday as well but he was reluctant to to it.

By making a lot of noise about this may get something done.


  Sir Radfordin™ 09:24 04 Feb 2003

This a copy of the notes made on a call at work about an Epson printer:

"I have called Epson after going to have a look at her printer due to the black Ink leaking into the workings. This was the fault that she reported. They have given me a ref number ********. They have said that the replacement printer will be here between 9am and 6pm tomorrw."

Thats the kind of service Epson are known for and do seem to provide.

  lazyboy 17:21 04 Feb 2003

I'm not being funny but do you think hp would ask you to use epson paper. I've used epson printers for years, and for the best reults you have to use the paper. Its as simple as that.

  Coaster3 11:30 05 Feb 2003

I wish that were so. They certainly used to provide that kind of service all the time but standards seem to have slipped.

It seems that Epson occasionally have a blip in their service. I had an Epson printer go wrong last year and, while I eventually got a replacement, I had to do it via the retailer as Epson simply refused to answer my emails.

Furthermore, my old printer had brand new ink cartridges and the new one came without ink cartridges.

It probably depends on who you get to deal with.

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:38 05 Feb 2003

For those who are interested, the printer was replaced the next day as promised and the other one taken away.

  watchful 15:58 05 Feb 2003

I dealt with Epson only a couple of months ago and used their online help service. They replied to my e-mails and I also got my printer replaced the following day.

  Diemmess 17:47 05 Feb 2003

Perhaps the difference is between new and current models and yesterday's machine.

watchful is the only person I have heard of to have a reply to an email...Perhaps his problem was with as-new printer?

Today's cut-throat market means that usually a complaint from a new package gets unreserved response, while old machines fit into a standard book of FAQs or forget it.

Epson market units made and probably packed thousands of miles away. If it is D.O.A. then that is their problem and they do their best to respond.

I had a mixture of indifference and response when an old photo700 proved incompatible with a new computer. Epson for the first time in my experience were not very helpful.......I had no printer and ordered a new 870 from Jungle.........on next-day-delivery the box contained an "ex-demo" printer with only half the ink, no gizmos, no software, little packaging.

Jungle replaced it in 24 hrs with a totally sealed completely new printer~~~~~~~~ which didn't print!

By arrangement over the phone confirmed by subsequent correspondence, we agreed that I kept the printer which did work,.....and returned the old ink and non working/incomplete package to them.

Happy to say some 2 years on, it still works well

  Coaster3 18:14 05 Feb 2003

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