Epson DX5000 or DX5050

  bjh 15:18 16 Apr 2007

I'm about to buy a cheapie "all in one" printer/scanner, and had settled on the Epson DX5000 as sufficient.
I now see that PC World offer the DX5000 at £50, which seems like a good price. However, they also offer the DX5050 for exactly the same price .... Anyone know what the difference is? The specifications look very similar, and I can't find the DX5050 on the Epson site.

Anyone know what the difference is?


  The Brigadier 16:45 16 Apr 2007

You missed one out!
Try the DX4800.
Best all in one i have ever owned!!

  bjh 19:02 16 Apr 2007

Nope, didn't miss it out. There are lots, such as the 4000, 4500, 6000, 6500.... The 4800 is fairly "unavailable" now, and has been replaced by the above.

What I want to know is, any differences between the above two....

  Totally-braindead 22:41 16 Apr 2007

Personally I would check the availability of compatible printer cartridges.
I have the DX3800 well before the ones you are looking at. Its ok. Thats about all I can say. Its slow like all the Epsons I have ever had and a bit noisy but its cheap to run. And speed isn't a great concern to me as I'm never printing hundreds of pages.
I also have a standalaone printer, an aging 680 and the prints you get off it compared to the DX are like chalk and cheese, the 680 is far superior.
My only suggestion is to do a google search for reviews. But if they are both really new you might struggle.

  FatboySlim71 08:08 17 Apr 2007

These are the specs for the DX5050,

click here

and below are the specs for the DX5000

click here

Hope this is helpful for you.

  bjh 22:29 17 Apr 2007

Just to answer my own question...

The Epson xx50 (4050, 5050, 6050) are made for the Dixons group (but appear to be available at a few other outlets). They are identical specification to the model below (5050 = 5000 etc.) but the colour of the casing is darker for the xx50 models.


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