Epson C86 - what a disappointment

  dobbin 10:20 14 Mar 2005

I have just replaced my ageing Epson Stylus 850 with a new C86, what a disappointment. It prints much more slowly [via a Leunig 4prnt2 automatic switch] with only marginally better quality printing and I can no longer print my C4 envelopes as they won't fit. My feeling is that inkjets have not improved much over the last ten years although I suppose in real terms they are now much cheaper.

  maz2 23:44 15 Mar 2005

Dumped my Epson and got a Canon far better

  Happy Soul 01:32 16 Mar 2005

Did the opposite, dumped my Canon and purchased an Epson.

  Andybear 07:37 16 Mar 2005

I'm with maz2 - dumped my Epson (C62) and got a Canon (i455). The print quality is much better. The ink cartridges are a quarter of the price of Epson ones and they last longer.

  johnhere_uk 11:50 16 Mar 2005

I have just replaced my HP 5550 for and Epson R300. I did so to update my daughters old Lexmark 3200 (another one of my casts off) which still works perfect.
The 5550 is without doubt a brilliant photo printer, in fact I only had one complaint, it did not like card (4 sheet). The R300 will feed it all day. Not had it long enough to test its photo printing yet.

  Confab 12:38 16 Mar 2005

Epson produce some fantastic printers. I've had various models since 1985, my current one being an aged 740. Ink carts are about £1.20 each!

All I can say is perhaps you should have done a bit of homework before buying!


  dobbin 13:02 16 Mar 2005

Confab, you're probably right, I saw it was 2nd highest in the PC Advisor charts and it had a parallel interface which I particularly wanted to save myself a lot of rewiring in the office and just ordered it.

However I was surprised, how ten years on, it was only marginally better than my old Epson 850 in print quality, is slower and does not take c4 envelopes. That's progress I guess! When I have more time I will fiddle around to see if I can get it to print a bit faster, otherwise I guess it will shortly be appearing on ebay.

  maz2 00:54 17 Mar 2005

As in my post above I say I dumped my Epson, I feel I must add to it, I have also used Epson for a long time. I've got a C84 which I don't use very often, I've got a CX3200 which I use all the time (with no problem) recently I bought a R200 which caused no end of problems, having to uninstall and reinstall on a regular basis. I updated the drivers and followed the installation to the letter to no avail, so it's now in a box on top of the wardrobe. Got a Canon Pixma ip3000 installed with no problem and runs like a dream, my friend also has to uninstall and reinstall her Epson, I don't know what's going on with them, the older models were great

  dobbin 14:58 17 Mar 2005

Thanks for the info. I think mine will also end up in a box. It makes you wonder about the PC advisor charts, I suspect they may be related to the advertising spend of the manufacturer.

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