Epson C62 and other Epson Printers

  Rob1n 09:49 10 Feb 2004

Has anyone had problems with the cartridge clips on the Epson Stylus C62, or the Photo 830 or the photo 935?
They all have the same plastic clip and it breaks at the bottom of the latch on the front.
Epson tell me they don't get many broken and refused to replace it under warranty.
I found 2 out of ten on display in retailers broken.
Anyone else had them break?

  The Spires 11:19 10 Feb 2004

Is the hinged part that you lift to replace the cartidge broken or the botton molding that does not move?

  Sir Radfordin 11:25 10 Feb 2004

I've not seen one break on a C60, C40, C42 or on 30+ C70s. You sure you aren't being a little bit forceful?

  Rob1n 12:42 10 Feb 2004

It is the hinged part,the problem in this case was a non technical female who tried to insert the cartridge back to front.
Being an aircraft engineer myself I believe in Murphy's Law, if it possible to fit something incorrectly someone will do it. For that reason aircraft spares are designed so they can only fit one way.
The above aside that does not explain the 2 I found on display at Dixons and Comet.
I have obtained a replacement, but my reason for posting was just to find out if anyone else had had the problem and how many.
So I will leave this thread open for a while to see if there any responses.

  AdventCalendar 13:20 10 Feb 2004

Never had that to be honest mate, but on my new Epson Cx3200 ive found that im having a number of problems...anyone ever experienced any on this model?

Namely with paper feed, quality, alignment.


  Sir Radfordin 15:13 10 Feb 2004

Ah the trick of getting ink in a printer. Recently spent 10 mins trying to fit ink to an HP printer...couldn't work out why it didn't seem to fit. Had I read the instructions would have been ok...forgot to power it on first!

I'd have said you could force anything to fit on many of todays things - imagine how much they would cost if they were as well designed as an aircraft is!

  Rob1n 20:41 10 Feb 2004

Lexmark manage it, I recently installed a printer for my Aunt that cost her £29.99, it is impossible to fit the cartridge the wrong way around because it just will not go in the holder back to front, so cost has little to do with it, design is the problem.
My own printer is however HP and yes it does need to be powered up.
Incidently the reason my Aunt changed printers, she had an Epson 440 with paper feed problems.
Not that I have anything against Epson, just seems odd that I have only had contact with about 12 of them and 5 have had faults.
Not a good record!

  dotterel 23:05 10 Feb 2004

I've had no problems with my CX3200, apart from the Error red light comes on occasionally, but it still works ok.

  TBH1 12:18 11 Feb 2004

I also have a CX3200 - - and have nothing but praise for it - -though in all honesty haven't done that much printing, its the scanner / copying bit of it thats so easy compared to my last foray into the scanning market.
Reference the Epson 440 paper feed mentioned above, I know 3 people who have had similar problems with Epson 400 series - - -ended up putting down to old age (the printer, not me - - - well, me too if the truth were known !!) and replacing.

  QQAA 14:41 11 Feb 2004

over the years, EPSON (part of the Seiko group but that is about all) has been attacking the VALUE segment of the consumers with cheaper prices and same, if not better features over its major competitors such as HP.

so what can you expect of EPSON products over the longer run? when people put their money on an EPSON inkjet or scanner you have already decided your fate for the eventful time when its one-year warranty period expired.

my present EPSON scanner in fact already has a slight fungus built-up on the inner side of the screen panel when i purchased it several years ago. needless to say, over the years the fungus has grown. it is quite unsightly but luckily, it does not affect the performance too much for my normal scanning requirements.

as the old saying goes, you get what you paid for. it is not a coincidence that over such a long period of time HP could still afford to keep a price premium over its competitors in IT peripherals (especially inkjet printers) and yet could still enjoy a very healthy market share.

  BT 09:16 12 Feb 2004

I have an Epson c62 and although I haven't had a problem with the Cartrige clips I am very wary when pushing them down as they seem a little more fragile than would seem desirable.If you want to see some really dodgy ones have a look at the Lexmark X1150 3 in 1. These are very flimsy and have to be pushed down very firmly to click into place.

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