Energy Companies

  laurie53 12:26 07 Sep 2008

Yesterday I received a small package, addressed to "The Occupier" and inside was one of these energy saver multi plugs, where the computer is plugged into the master and then controls the peripherals.

An accompanying letter was from an energy company saying it was part of their ongoing service to help their customers economise etc etc.

The only problem is, it was not my energy company but one with whom I have never had any contact.

Should I be concerned?

Am I being changed over without my knowledge, as I know has happened to other people?

  spuds 12:48 07 Sep 2008

Eon's on a promotional issue, perhaps its one of their recent televised 'freebie' offers.
Considering that its addressed to the Occupier, then no worries, use the device and see if you can save money on your energy bill.

On a personal note, we have had a regular supply of energy saving light bulbs from British Gas.

  peter99co 13:53 07 Sep 2008

I hope they send me one!

  Stuartli 17:39 07 Sep 2008

You may have noticed, in recent times, the opportunity to buy low energy bulbs in the major supermarkets at very low prices (1p for two or three days in the case of Tesco!).

This is part of a Government tie-up with the energy companies to reduce energy consumption - canny Gordon Brown, then Chancellor, certainly wasn't going to use "his" money for the project...:-)

  Stuartli 17:42 07 Sep 2008

Although I did have a reasonable number of the bulbs, I must confess than I managed to get 20 pence worth of bulbs at my local Tesco Extra at the time, before the entire stock had been snapped up.

Seemed that the store's management had failed to inform staff that customers were limited to four bulbs each.....

  laurie53 08:21 08 Sep 2008

I have actually received two lots of free LE bulbs from my own energy company (and some from my union!), it was just this device turning up out of the blue, from total strangers so to speak, which threw me.

  Stellathomas 07:38 29 Sep 2008

Union leaders have called on Gordon Brown to impose a windfall tax on energy companies’ profits, but the government insist that making homes more efficient is a better long-term solution to cutting bills. The package of measures is expected to include better insulation of all homes over the next ten years and targeted help for the poorest to ensure they have access to the best fuel deals on offer.

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  spuds 18:33 29 Sep 2008

Regarding the 'freebie' comment that I made on Sun 07/09/08 @ 12.48.

We are going through the process of changing over all our services to Eon. On Saturday, we received a letter suggesting that we would be possibly entitled to a 'free' energy saver monitor worth £45. Having to contact Eon for completion of the change-over, I mentioned this freebie offer. Yes no problem, we will send you one within 28 days. Twenty minutes later, "Sorry, we are unable to send you a free monitor, you are going to be on a different package deal". :O(

laurie53-- If you are not a subscriber to Eon and the gift was from Eon, can I have 'my' customers free gift back please ;o)

  peter99co 20:48 29 Sep 2008

If you are already hooked why should you get the bait?

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