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  MikeDXXXXX 14:35 01 Jan 2003
  MikeDXXXXX 14:35 01 Jan 2003

A couple of months ago I ordered some goods via the WWW. A couriered package was duly delivered, however on opening one of the ordered items (costing around £30) the box was empty, except for the CD driver.

I immediately contacted the vendor by phone, they promised to investigate & get back to me (they did not). I rang back and after many calls (all initiated by me) the vendor advised me that their shipping department said that the item was dispatched.
I have since written four letters to the company in relation to the delivery shortfall (sent both by Royal Mail & e-mail), but have received no reply.

Other than taking the company to court (small claims) for which I believe there is an £80 fee, there is absolutley nothing I can do about the company having sold me an empty box for £30.

At least if I had brought the goods from a shop, I could have opened the box to see that there was something in it before handing over my cash.

Let this be a warning to anyone ordering goods via the WWW or mail order.

  €dstow 14:43 01 Jan 2003

On the other hand, I have bought many, many thousands of pounds worth of items over the internet and had no problems whatever with delivery.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:13 01 Jan 2003

You may see why they could be somewhat suspicious. Not pointing the old finger at you but there are probably many similar claims from the less honest. You are in a difficult position.


  Pilch.... 16:43 01 Jan 2003

Did you check the box on arrival, or did you have to get someone else to sign for it?

If you checked as soon as it arrived then you from my point of view have a much stronger case. If someone else signed for it, then it may be harder to prove.

  keith 16:46 01 Jan 2003

See jimv7 post at click here
Similar problem to yours.

  Stuartli 17:01 01 Jan 2003

Small claims court fee will be £27 (charges go up according to the amount being claimed) if you decide to go ahead.

If you win - and the court judges normally take the side of the little man - you will get this back plus the cost of your purchase. You should also be granted costs against the defendent.

It's most likely that if you go so far as court action that the compnay concerned will pay up without quibbling after realising you are serious.

  Forum Editor 17:04 01 Jan 2003

that you didn't notice how light the box was when you signed for it, but you didn't, so what to do next?

Don't blame the internet - millions of pounds worth of goods are sold in this way every day, and the vast majority are delivered without problem. Few people have your experience,but it does happen - couriers have been known to suffer petty theft by their employees, and so have manufacturers, although I'm making no inferences here.

Write to the supplier, and state clearly that you have no intention of just forgetting about this. Tell them that the package was empty, and that you want a refund, or a duplicate delivery without delay. Say that unless that happens you will be visiting the Trading standards office to see what they can do.

  Goldcroft 17:26 01 Jan 2003

I agree with Gandalf. How could the sender know there was nothing in the box. Must be a scam which has been practiced on countless occasions.

Also agree with the Forum Editor. An empty box, if I've got the science right, should weigh a lot less than a full one and should have been apparent bearing in mind that the recipient knew what should have been in the box.

  Rayuk 18:24 01 Jan 2003

Please read original post "ordered some goods"if it was just the one box it would have been easier to detect the weight loss as a part lot not so easy.

  spuds 20:10 01 Jan 2003

A difficult one this.Your word against that of the supply company.Visit your local Trading Standards for further advice.Perhaps a letter to the manufacturers, requesting further help may assist with a possible solution. Did they send out a batch of Empty boxes-Could this be possible with their despatch,quality control methods.All avenues worth a try at this stage.But would add that one of our fellow forum users had a similar problem of missing item, which as now been rectified.

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