Emergency tax

  iqs 17:49 03 Sep 2008


I know its not really a consumer question but,I'm due to start a new job tomorrow.I was wondering, the emergency tax I will be stopped,will I get this back in the next payment or the new tax year?.

It will take about 10 days to receive my P45.


  Diemmess 17:55 03 Sep 2008

If things haven't changed in many years, you will be taxed at the full rate for a week or two until HMR&C authorise your employer to use your code number.

  iqs 19:06 03 Sep 2008

thanks Diemmess

  monkeyboy21 19:27 03 Sep 2008

Alternatively, ask your employer for a p46, this means they should put you back on your regular tax bracket and is used for staff that don't have a p45.

  iqs 21:26 03 Sep 2008

will do monkeyboy21,cheers

  antonic 05:19 08 Sep 2008

I work for HMRC, and I have to say that it may take some time for your tax code to be adjusted to the correct one.

If you are monthly paid it may take a couple of months for you to be taxed correctly - dont expect a refund of any overpaid tax till April 2009 - as HMRC wont know what your total pay will be till the end of the tax year.

  iqs 20:24 08 Sep 2008

Thanks antonic for the reply.Its not the answer I wanted,but thank you for being honest.

Can I ask,will I definitively receive the difference next year,how do does the HMRC make sure this happens.???


  wee eddie 20:32 08 Sep 2008

about over paid Tax.

If your tax is gathered through the PAYE System, then any over-payment will be corrected the moment your correct number comes through and is applied to the calculation of your net pay.

  iqs 20:59 08 Sep 2008

I hope your right wee eddie,cheers

  wee eddie 21:19 08 Sep 2008

Did your number not come with you on your P45.

If you did not have a P45, I don't think that you can expect your Tax Number to be produced, by the local Tax Office, in less than 3 weeks. I seem to remember that 5 weeks was a more regular length of wait.

  jaraba 23:49 08 Sep 2008

Some years ago I was over taxed because they forgot to change my code when I had a second child.
They said that they would adjust my code so that I would graduatly get it back but I insisted they pay me the back pay in one lump sum.
This was because previous to this they had taken in one lump sum tax I owed them which was because the person who calculted my code didn't bother to take into account a small 2nd income I had at thet time.
If you owe them money they can add interest to it if you take time to pay it so the same should apply to you if they owe you money.

BTW I was on PAYE

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