email to check out medianewsonline - please AVOID!

  theDarkness 17:18 03 Jun 2009

I received an email from a " [email protected]>" asking me to check out a link to some great products,

eg :-
I got my first free sample product from click here within 3 days. You may be asked to complete a short survey after using the product."

an obvious spam message, you may think- its a very short email, nothing underneath it to verify which company it really is etc, but unlike the usual junk messages, it was addressed directly to me. very odd-how did they get my address? i checked out the link and opera came back with an 'avoid like the plague'! style message, so Im just putting it on here to let people know if they get anything similar in their email, please do not click on it.

the fraudulent company to avoid (that the tinyurl at the top directed to when i clicked) was seemingly called medianewsonline

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:16 03 Jun 2009

I am confused, when I clicke don your link all I got was the web page of a bloke who sells unicycle shirts and is into....unicycling. Is there a problem?


  theDarkness 00:16 04 Jun 2009

sorry, i forgot the pc advisor website turns every link into a 'click me'! I posted the link as i think in general can be used for anyones personal webpage, just like yahoo etc.

with the xxxx referring to numbers and letters for the specific page, i didnt include the real page to give out the exact address incase anyone tried to click on it from here and buy something from it. once you click on the tinyurl, it redirects completely to a '' website, and then before the page loads up, you get a warning (if using opera browser) not to continue, as the site is well known to be fraudulent. the real address to avoid ended in 'p5p3d5'.

I gave the email content out pretty much in full since it was so short, but it was the first junk mail ive ever had where it is actually directed at me (the 'TO' section of the email info is really my email address, but all the junk mail ive ever had has been a pretend email in its place, never mine at all). ive no idea how i started to get junk mail, so ill probably just get rid of this address and start a new one.

  Stuartli 00:35 04 Jun 2009

I get spam e-mails using an e-mail address I've had for many years - I know it's spam because the e-mail address is listed first followed by

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