ELONEX and HCI schemes

  nessanessa 12:17 07 Aug 2006

I am currently under an HCI contract at work which is through elonex, my pc has stopped working, when I called the helpline I found out that elonex had gone into adminsitration and that I may have to pay for the repairs if we do not have the Gcat scheme.
Does anyone know if I can now claim breach of contract? and would there be a possilbilty of canceling this contract because the company has gone into administration? Thanks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:37 07 Aug 2006

I believe HCI is no more as the Government has stopped funding it so getting redress from HCI will be rather difficult.

The main part contract was to supply you with a computer which is what Elonex did so they have fulfilled their part of the contract and there is no breach.

The service agreement was with Elonex (I presume) and as they seem to have gone into liquidation there is no one that you can sue or pass the blame to. There may be some help available that other forum members could point you to but in the absence of anyone to contact you are not in a good place.

...howeevr if you explain the faults on this forum you may be able to get a lot of excellent help for free. Use a separate thread for it.


  nessanessa 14:56 07 Aug 2006

Thanks for your reply.

  dontmeshwithme 15:29 07 Aug 2006

OK, the HCI scheme was just that a scheme, you didn't have a contract with it. I looked closely at implenting this at our office and my understanding is that until the scheme finishes you are not the legal owner of the equipment (infact you have no legal right to ownereship of the equipment at any time). My understanding is that the owner will be your company, or government department. I therefore suggest that you speak to the HCI administrator within the company and ask them to arrange repairs under the HCI agreement. If these are not carried out then I guess you can cancel the agreement and return the equipment without further payments.

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