Elonex - has anyone had there warranty honoured

  welshgal 15:11 06 Nov 2007

Can anyone please help or offer some advice.
I bought an Elonex Lumina in April 2005 with delivery in June. Just after Elonex went into administration we noticed problems with the LCD screen and a black line going across the screen. I emailed and wrote to Elonex and AFIC on a number of occasions to see if they would honour the warranty. I never had a reply.

My Lumina has now gone progressively worse, as the entire picture underneath the line is now all mottled which makes viewing difficult and we now need a new TV which I can't afford since this is our PC too.

I have now just noticed that Elonex are now trading again and have written to them today to see if they would honour the warranty. Has anyone else had there warranty from Elonex honoured? If they won't honour it is there anything I can do to get Screen fixed. I paid by credit card.
Thanks and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 15:36 06 Nov 2007

Did you buy an extended warranty? If not then the standard warranty with most items is 12 months and you're passed that.
Do you know the make of the screen as some come with 3 year warranty as standard.

  welshgal 18:59 06 Nov 2007


I bought the 32" Lumina which came with either a 3 year or 5 year warranty (sure it was 5 years as I know they reduced it shortly afterwards).


  Totally-braindead 19:03 06 Nov 2007

I don't know the brand and subsequently can't give you a link to their website but only the first year of replacement/repair would be handled by Elonex anyway.
The rest of the warranty would be provided by the manufacturer so I would contact them.

  Ranger 21:52 06 Nov 2007

Contact your credit card company as well, they may be liable as well

  welshgal 08:27 07 Nov 2007

Thanks for your replies. The TV was an Elonex one and therefore Elonex are the manufacturer as well. I have been on there website and tried emailing them not have had no luck. All I have heard from when they first had problems in 2006 that any warranty before then would not be honoured as a new company now own elonex. So I just wanted to know if anyone was successful in getting them to honour it.


  xxxLouise08xxx 09:34 25 Jan 2008

Hi Welshgal,
Not sure if youre still around, but did you have any luck with this. I also have an Elonex (mediacentre) with a 3 year warranty. Its now gone Kaput and I cannot get through to the helpline number I was given.

  LNXparts 09:10 17 Feb 2008

I run a company in London (all of us are ex-Elonex employees) which specialises in repairs and parts for Elonex machines. Following the demise of the original Elonex plc, AFIC who only lasted 5 months in the game running Elonex did not say they would honour warranties, leading to uproar from customers. Another company (normally a type which snaps up bankrupt entities for asset selling) has decided to make a go of it and now runs the brand Elonex from the Midlands, but they do not offer free warranty, and are not legally liable. They do offer repair, but I am not sure how many parts they have there, or expertise. At ECW, we have many of the parts sold off following the closure of Elonex plc, and have two of the very experienced in house Elonex engineers now working with us. If you would like to get a diagnosis or repair please call us on 020 8203 7774. We are called ECW or Ever-changing World and have a website click here . We have Exentia power supplies, motherboards, inverters, and Lumina power supplies, motherboards and many other parts. The Exentia and Luminas are generally good products and ARE worth repairing on the whole. Hope to hear from you all soon!

  welshgal 09:17 17 Feb 2008

Thanks for your reply.

Firstly to Louise, no I never heard anything back from Elonex even though I sent a numerous emails and letters.

To LNX parts, the bottom third of my screen is all mottled. Would I need a new screen and if so how much would this cost.


  LNXparts 12:06 05 Jun 2008

Welshgal and Louise - if you still need a repair or advise, please call me on 020 8203 7774.

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