Electric Guitar

  Dellman 12:40 21 Aug 2007

I can't believe this is so cheap ....£43.

click here

Anyone seen/bought these before? Or can I expect to see smoke coming out the amp after 3 days?

  hereford456 13:29 21 Aug 2007

Made in China?

  Esc4p3 14:06 21 Aug 2007

Almost certainly made in China, they are bashing out thousands of them. I bought an electric guitar 2 years ago as a complete novice, and had massive debates over whether I should go the cheap route, or the £200 route. Although as a learner, I am not sure I could tell the difference, I went for the £200 option (Squier Affinity & Frontman amp).

I was not disappointed, as the quality of the electrics and finish is superb and it has not let me down yet - however, I would struggle to spend much more on a guitar.

Check out the Andy Summers 'reliced' Guitar for £9,000 at click here Ridiculous.

  Dellman 14:48 21 Aug 2007

maybe i'll take the plunge...i'll let you know if the amp catches fire!!

  cocteau48 16:14 21 Aug 2007

It's only a personal opinion but I would never,ever,ever buy any guitar,acoustic or electric,without holding it in my sweaty little mitts first.

  Dellman 19:33 21 Aug 2007

at £43...i may be prepared to take a risk!!

  Forum Editor 19:48 21 Aug 2007

Guitars like this all come from China, and will function adequately. If you're a beginner it's an ideal way to get into guitar playing.

Cheap electric guitars can be made to sound a whole lot better by using high quality amps and effects pedals, but once you can play a few licks go to a good guitar shop and ask to try something really good, and you'll realise that some electric guitars really are worth all that money.

Enjoy your guitar - it will probably surprise you - but don't expect much from the amp, it will be rubbish.

  Dellman 19:53 21 Aug 2007

For £43, i wasn't expecting to sound like andy summers above!!

But to playaround with and learn and for the kids should be fine.

  Forum Editor 20:19 21 Aug 2007

and you'll be amazed what £43 worth of guitar sounds like. I've got a few guitars, and one of my favourites is a £300 Chinese copy.

It's not all about the instrument - the player makes quite a difference.

  HighTower 21:03 21 Aug 2007

I've got a few guitars, my favourite without doubt hsppens to be the most expensive. A hand built item, it just feels so much better.

I think that your cheap imports put through a decent amp and effects pedal can be made to sound pretty good, but the feel of them tends to be pretty awful. The action (how far the strings sit above the fretboard) is often horrific and sometimes even the frets are not accurately placed.

I suppose for £43 you can't go too far wrong, but often you'll find that it's much more difficult to play a poorly crafted instrument.

  spuds 00:05 22 Aug 2007

You will find that this is very similar to the one's being sold in Argos for far more money. I have one of the Argos electric guitars, which plays very well, but the first one that I purchased from them had to go back due to an tremolo arm thread problem. The replacement was was fine except for a dodgy looking soldered joint on the electrics, but that was soon rectified. I also have a Peavey guitar combination costing far more, but I find very little differences in playing mode, but that can possibly be due to my rubbish playing, Eric Clapton, Hank Marvin, Bert Weedon or Tony Remy I sure ain't :O)

My neighbour and myself both purchased an acoustic Sunburst Western Guitar from Ebuyer a couple of months ago. Cost £24.99 each (free delivery included for the 2)and absolutely fantastic value. extremely well made, sounds superb, and stamped KCC which is a well known Chinese manufacturer of musical instruments, whose product range covers budget to the far more expensive 'pro' models. Many of these are re-badged when they reach the UK, and are sold in various musical store at varying prices.My advice, is to purchase the guitar from Ebuyer before they sell out, you will not regret it, especially as it includes all those extras for virtually free.

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