eGlobal Central UK - SCAM Warning

  rottitiem 16:01 29 Aug 2017

Ordered a Samsung S8. After multiple emails and messages no response. Has been over a week and no tracking info, email or delivery code.

If the deals too good to be true...

Already have sent the following with order number: * 3 emails * phone call * support ticket * PayPal resolution centre

They have just blackmailed me into closing my paypal dispute and threatened to keep the delivery on hold until I close the paypal claim. Despite it being 3 weeks now without delivery or communication. (tehy claim 10 working days delivery)

Paypal dispute closed a week ago and no communication or delivery of product yet

They are still not delivering the phone. Can they actually threaten me to close the paypal dispute?

  alanrwood 19:16 29 Aug 2017

You should never have closed the Paypal dispute. Contact Paypal and try to reopen it.

  rottitiem 20:38 29 Aug 2017

Hi thanks alanrwood. I have done that.

However paypal only allowed me to open by phone. They ignore my emails and messages

  Forum Editor 22:34 29 Aug 2017

"Can they actually threaten me to close the paypal dispute?"

Well, they have, and you are not the first person to get that treatment.

I assume the phone was being shipped from Hong Kong?

How much did you pay for the S8?

  Forum Editor 22:39 29 Aug 2017
  Secret-Squirrel 09:30 30 Aug 2017

Can they actually threaten me to close the paypal dispute?

They can do what they like.

They're a China-based company so UK consumer law and normal retail practices don't apply.

I see you've posted on TrustPilot - it's a shame you didn't check out the eGlobal reviews on there before making your purchase.

I hope you get a good result in the end.

  mole44 07:58 04 Sep 2017

Do people ever learn about "Bargains", golden rule if it looks to good to be true possibly is.

  rickf 20:54 04 Sep 2017

This seems like a very strange company with rather an erratic behavior. I ordered a Huawei x2 phablet from them w/o any problems. Came as indicated by courier with full tracking and the phablet has been working very well.

  martinchalk 12:52 14 Nov 2017

Consider carefully before buying from … Consider carefully before buying from eGlobal/Hong Kong. Communication is good until you ask for service - then it dries up entirely. I ordered a tablet and it arrived damaged beyond use (glass smashed). eGlobalCentral prevaricated and then went silent, eventually forcing me to seek redress through Paypal - who make you pay the return shipping!

Ecommerce will not continue to grow if shoppers fear that if the delivery goes wrong they will be made to fight for redress and wait for their money back - or worse, risk losing it all. No price is cheap if you don't get the goods!

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