EFH Broadband problem.Where do i stand?

  Mysticnas 17:08 09 Dec 2004

Hi all..

I signed up to EFH about a month ago; it was a migration from Pipex. Since then i've experienced intermittant loss of connection.

The connection can sometimes be dropped for upto 3 days at a time, or as little as 10 minutes.

I've gone through all the routine stuff with the ISP such as using various different Usernames, passwords and settings. I have upgraded the firmware for my ADSL equipment, and still no change. The connection still keeps dropping. Even with the ADSL router plugged straight into my machine via ethernet it doesn't work. Also we've tried to dissconnect the phone, and change the microfilter several times.

The ISP say that everything is fine on their side of the line, they've contact BT twice to get "fault reports" and BT have contact both the ISP and myself telling us that they can see the connection dropping due to an authentication problem but everything is fine from their point of veiw.

So both ISP (EFH) and BT say there's nothing wrong with their line/service. The ISP keep saying it's our hardware.

Now here's what i can't understand why it might be our hardware:

1) It's been working fine for around a year with Pipex.

2) I would assume if there was something wrong with my hardware it would be a case of it not connecting at all as opposed to dropping intermittantly?

3) The network is setup in the house over 4 machines and works fine; we can all ping each other and both the network router and ADSL router.

The hardware in question is:

Netgear ADSL modem DM602
Netgear Wireless Firewall Router WGT624

4 Machines: 2 Desktops, 2 Laptops all running XPpro with service packs. (we unwillingly downloaded the SP2 service pack to see if it made a difference, it didn't.)

What the ISP have suggested is that we use different routers. I'm in the middle of locating someone who'll be willing to lend me their routers for a week or so. ISP said they'll let me borrow one of their own but with a delivery charge of £8.

If I go ahead with borrowing their own and the connection still drops where do I stand?

Can i ask them to refund all my money? Is there anything else i can do?

  Mysticnas 17:26 09 Dec 2004

I'm writing the thread from my local college (nets been down since last night).

I'm just off home now. So please don't be annoyed or think i'm not paying attention if i don't reply asap. If the net doesn't come back on today i won't be logged on again until i come back to the college tomorrow at some point in the day.

But please keep posting your suggestions.

Thanks all.

  Mysticnas 20:55 09 Dec 2004

for now.. no doubt it will drop again very soon.

  Forum Editor 00:15 10 Dec 2004

In your position I think I would take up the ISP's offer of a router on loan. That way you'll prove to them that it's not your equipment at fault - or at least you will if the connection still drops.

I'm interested to hear that BT can see an authentication problem when the connection drops, because authentication happens when you first make the connection, not when it's been running for a while - you're already authenticated then. If authentication was the issue surely the problem would not ne intermittent, you just wouldn't get connected - as you correctly suggest in your post.

You say that BT are sure everything is OK from their point of view but have they tested your phone line? The symptoms you describe are sometimes indicative of an intermittent line fault.

It's a good idea to try a different router - see what happens and come back here with an update. It does seem a bit of a coincidence that this happened as soon as you changed from Pipex.

  Noelg23 13:22 10 Dec 2004

I was going to ask as well about BT testing your line...I work at BT faults myself and I would have tested the line to make sure the line was 100% working fine...so next time you ring BT ask them to do a line test so when you go back to EFH you can tell them that we have done a line test and its all ok. if there is a fault on your line then BT will get an engineer to work on it...

  Mysticnas 21:14 16 Dec 2004

I called Netgear see if they could help. They got me to clear the user name and password and enter the following in the username field and test the settings.

[email protected]_domain

He said it was a test to see if i could get a connection or not, and i did. It immediately picked up the IP address. He told me to clear it out and try my own user name and password again. It couldn't find an IP address. I reapted the steps a few times to make sure.

He concluded that it's deffinately not the hardware as it seems to be a problem with the username and password. He gave me a referance number for the situation and said that if the ISP need proof they can call up netgear and quote that referance number.

I then called the ISP (EFH). The girl on the phone said that her colleague had sent off for another BT fault report. The things is that i hadn't called up for about a week (although the net had been down a number of times this week) as i've been trying to make sure it's not the hardware.

Why did they order another BT fault report? who kicked it off? This is most annoying. Will wait for their call tomorrow.

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