Economical Printer?

  Cara2 23:24 17 Jan 2005

Used only for business purposes (running off a few invoices daily) - we currently use an Epson C62. We only require black, not colour.

Having just replaced the black cartridge, the printer still failed to print. It seems it also requires a colour cartridge. Apparently, although we never use colour, the ink is used each time the machine primes itself (a lot).

Running out of colour would not matter if, like my HP printer, it would still operate on empty colour (as long as the cartridge is present). But it appears not to.

What a waste - having to replace the colour ink even though we do not use it. It is only used for the machines 'maintenance'.

I have had to replace both cartridges on this occasion out of necessity - but wonder if it is worth keeping the printer or maybe getting a cheap laser type printer.

Anybody any ideas?


  Diodorus Siculus 07:46 18 Jan 2005

PCWorld had a samsung laser for £50 recently; worth getting if it is still available at the price.

  JayDay 08:13 18 Jan 2005

I think a laser printer will be more economical in the long term, especially if you only require black.

HP laser printer £49 ex vat click here

  jack 09:40 18 Jan 2005

Black only printing and text and economy as stated
Common colour ink jets do by default, print all colours to get 'best' black
Using the existing printer however is a matter of setting the printer to print black only, examine the printer properties settings closely

  Sapins 10:14 18 Jan 2005

I don't think setting the printer to Black only will help, it will still use colours when it primes itself.

  GibsonSt19 11:58 18 Jan 2005

A Samsung ML-1520, which you can pick up for £49.99. click here (to buy from PC World)

Hope that helps.

By the way, I have the Samsung ML-1510, which has less memory, but I'm veyr pleased with it. I paid £39.99 including delivery, so for that little bit extra the 1520 is good value. The toner cartridge you get with the printer is a 'lite' version and will last for approx 1000 sheets I believe, but refills are cheap and a full refull will last for approx 3000 pages.

  Cara2 13:14 18 Jan 2005

Jack, printer is set to print in black only. However, Epson website does confirm that colour ink is used to prime machine!

It would look like laser is the way to go. I shall check on suggestions above.

Thanks for replies.

Thank you.

  €dstowe 13:15 18 Jan 2005

I bougth a number of Samsung ML1210 laser printers for general office use ages ago. Some of the best purchases ever made.

Cheap to buy, cheap to run and seem to last forever.

This model is out of date now but I'm pretty sure that the later models will be just as good and at prices of arounf £50, you can't really go wrong.

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