Eclipse Networking had to write to CEO before res

  QinesiQ 17:51 18 May 2007

In mid-January Eclipse disconnected my broadband while trying to upgrade me to LLU.

I made numerous calls and emails trying to regain my broadband all the while I was still receiving my monthly bills. Not one person acknowledged that I had no connection and I wrote a formal complaint. I also contacted my credit card provider who began investigating and reimbursed all their debits.

Eventually an Eclipse complaints Exec contacted me and my connection looked to being restored (I was stuck with them – tag).

The date for cease and reconnection kept being pushed forward. Eventually 4 months after my initial disconnection I finally began receiving broadband…for 9 days…before they disconnected me again!

Again I was given dates but when these were missed I phone only to be told I was no longer an Eclipse customer and had to go to BT wholesale to get my line untangled (because there was an incompatible product on my line) and then come back to them for a new activation (wasn’t this was THEY were supposed to have been doing over the last 3/4 months??)

Phoned BT they were quickly able to de-tangle my line once Eclipses cease had finally gone through (obviously they were trying to place an order on a line they were trying to cease at the same time and coming back with the incompatible product error – morons).

Finally, I was free – I immediately signed up with someone else so they couldn’t do anything else. But wait – what is this fluttering though my letter box – yes demands for payments the complaints exec assured me would be waived because they disconnected me (I was being charged a disconnection, reactivation and monthly charges for a service I wasn’t getting).

I had been writing to trading standards but she was about as useful as a cat flap in an elephant house!

I wrote to the CEO of Kingston Communications and finally got a result – no more payment demands. However, when I read the letter it seems that they still couldn’t get the detail correct. Anyway, no matter end result achieved…finally…after 4 months!


  smokingbeagle 18:03 18 May 2007

Completed my switch to Zen from Eclipse yesterday. :-))

The guy at the Eclipse callcentre didn't seem at all surprised that I was asking for my MAC number due to poor reliability - just another customer flying the coop. Service has definitely been deteriorating since the take over by Kingston Communications.

  QinesiQ 20:01 18 May 2007

While I was having my problems (and no one bar my credit card provider was listening) I found my way to the thinkbroadband eclipse forums and read the horror stories.

All the very best with Zen smokingbeagle. I hope you will be better served :-)

BTW the letter from the ceo said that the [general incompetence] was not typical of their service.

I’m not so sure

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