Eclipse ISP –awards, disconnection and frustration

  QinesiQ 16:45 16 Feb 2007

About a month ago Eclipse Internet disconnected my broadband service. They were carrying out scheduled maintenance to transfer my line to LLU as part of their upgrading plan.

I logged the termination and was told that there was a fault on my line due to the transfer which was preventing me from receiving their broadband service.

After several phone calls (with a standard 20 min wait on their premium rate number) and several perplexed technicians it was made clear to me that they did not know what was going on, whether they could fix my line or if there was actually any work being done/planed to fix it.

Result – no broadband – although I was still being charged and they would not refund the debit made the day after my disconnection.

After being told that they did not know if they could connect me I was given no choice but to ask for a MAC. I was informed that I would have an LLU-MAC but A BT technician told me my line was not LLU (he ran a test). I therefore requested a cease.

Eclipse continued to find more charges for me including one for breach of contract (early termination fee) even though they terminated my service and are unable to reconnect me.

I have raised these concerns (very politely) several times but they are literally ignoring me – I have had no response to my emails except two further invoices totalling around £60.

I contacted Ofcom who supported my findings and logged a complaint. I now have to wait twelve weeks before I can proceed further.

I contacted my credit card provider who is now investigating as to why Eclipse is claiming money for a service they disconnected. I assure you they are not at all impressed and have been incredibly supportive.

Looking at the thinkbroadband Eclipse forum I am clearly not the only person who has suffered this technical issue and their lack of support.

Eclipse customers are increasingly unhappy and their customer service has rapidly gone down hill (not my opinion – this is according to long standing customers of 3 years).

There are numerous complaints over excessive billing (long after the customer has left their service) and of Eclipse just plainly ignoring customer’s complaints.

I am still stuck with Eclipse, no service and I can’t sign up with anyone else. Eclipse said that my disconnection would take 10-15 days but its been well over that (and still no broadband either – and yes I’m still being charged). I feel like I am being held to ransom. I’ve been on Tesco dial up since they cut me off. There seems to be no point contacting them as they just ignore my emails (or worse think up yet another new charge to bill me with).

I’m just left wondering what happened to the recommended provider I signed up with.

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