eclipse computers..Re bad service

  diyclown 19:07 22 Dec 2005

Purchased new PC case..delivered on time..Arrived 8.20pm..Signed for( second mistake)
open and check. Checked after deliveryman gone found to be broken. Spent one hour on phone listening to a recording..Sent three e mails..still no answer. Finally got through after two weeks to be told that they accept no responsibility (ref second mistake). Refused to replace the broken part without my paying more postage..refused to take return of package without my paying postage as well as deducting postage from my refund. Oh "first mistake" ( buying from Eclipse computers)

  spuds 22:18 22 Dec 2005

Is this Eclipse Computers of Coventry, as there are two Eclipse Computers registered in England !.

  diyclown 15:18 23 Dec 2005

Sorry spud...Yes it is from Coventry

  spuds 18:46 23 Dec 2005

I have used Eclipse Computers of Coventry a couple of times without any problems, but others have not faired very well click here and a Google search provides a few reviews.

  Haysi 11:11 12 Feb 2006

I had a lot of problems with them recently, got one of their kit PC's - it had faulty parts which they were not intereasted in replacing and parts that were not as specified, which they would not even talk about, I ended up having to go to the small claims court.

  Forum Editor 11:30 12 Feb 2006

you made the common mistake of signing to confirm that you had received the goods in a satisfactory condition. I know that you realise it now, but you should have written 'unexamined' on the delivery note, and you would have had redress under consumer law.

As it stands you may still have a chance of satisfaction. You say that you sent three emails - what did they say? If one of them was within seven days of delivery, and mentioned that you wanted to return the case as not satisfactory you might be able to press for a refund under the terms of the distance selling regulations.

Otherwise you may have to put this down to experience.

  Totally-braindead 12:21 12 Feb 2006

I've only purchased one item from them and it was some time ago, it was a Gigabyte motherboard. The board was fine no complaints there but after 9 or 10 months there was a hell of a lot of noise coming from the Northbridge fan. I contacted them about a replacement fan and they told me they didn't have them, couldn't get them and there were very expensive in any case so advised me to just put up with it.
Now those of you who know what a Northbridge fan is and have had one fail know this is total garbage. Because of the nonsence they told me I decided not to use them again and haven't. I replaced the faulty fan with a Zalman passive heatsink which cost less than a tenner and the PCs still going strong. I don't know whether they were just trying to fob me off or didn't know what I was talking about but now I buy from other companies.

  diyclown 15:53 21 Feb 2006

They wore me out by not replying to mail finished up losing £30 in the deal. But at least I can sleep and dont go around trying to con buyers.

  rossgolf 17:04 15 Jul 2008

i also recieved a case from them a couple of months ago. it was cracked and i phoned them up instantly. they said that they would put in a claim with parcel force and they would send a replacement. we asked if we should send the broke case back and they said no because they would get the money from parcel force. the broke case i could keep. this is good as the crack is only about 1 inch big and it hardly noticeable. no complaints from me :D

  Forum Editor 17:34 15 Jul 2008

two and a half years ago, and was ticked as resolved shortly afterwards.

It's pointless adding to it now.

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