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  leveblue 18:02 04 Jul 2007

I have decided to treat myself to a new PC having had a Tiny computer (windows 98SE) for nearly eight years. After reading the reviews in PCAdvisor for the £500 to £750 range, the Eclipse computers tested seem to be a pretty good spec and value for money, especially the Matrix i67N88-VSTA (this months review).

However, after reading the reviews for Eclipse computers as a company to deal with on other sites, the company appears to get a very poor rating, especially on delivery and customer services. There are a number of warnings to steer clear. I think however that mainly only dissatisfied people tend to post, so there may be thousands who are perfectly happy, but have not bothered to post.

Has anyone on here ever had dealings with Eclipse? If so, were they okay to deal with. All comments welcome.

As I said previously, their computers appear to be very good value for money. However, I’m a bit cool on buying from a company that should something go wrong, you can’t get it put right and you end up with a load of hassle.

  spuds 19:07 04 Jul 2007

There are two companies that go under the name of Eclipse. One in Surrey and the other in Coventry. The Coventry Eclipse seems to attract the complaints according to various websites.

I have purchased a number of small items, like memory chips, hard-drive, from the Coventry company. And to be fair, I have never had a problem with them, either with the products or delivery, price as been very favourable. Purchasing anything larger, would be a choice that only you can make, surely there must be alternatives available, if in doubt. Pay by credit card if you go ahead with a deal, then you will have extra protection if the case arises.

  leveblue 19:34 04 Jul 2007

Thanks for the info. It is the Eclipse in Coventry.

Good point regarding paying by Credit Card.

At the end of the day you pays your money and makes your choice.

I’ll ponder a little longer before I dive in.

  needpchelp 21:08 09 Jul 2007

The same boat as you. Not sure whether to go for it or not. I did, got an e-mail saying it would take longer to arrive 10-14 days. 16 passed, nothing. I e-mailed them they responded saying there were problems. Was given a choice of waiting till whenever or pay more money for a different mobo. Paid more. Got PC has had 4 bluecreens and now says OS missing on a black screen. Very dubious cust services, will get charged if I RTB and they find no hardware issues. Not best pleased.

  leveblue 19:13 10 Jul 2007

Thanks for the info “needpchelp”. Think I’ll look elsewhere, I don’t want the hassle. It’s pointless getting a better spec pc cheaper if it doesn’t work. Just want a pc that works with a half decent spec and is good value for money. I’m not going to be adding bits and pieces. My current one has lasted nearly eight years as bought.

May try PC Specialist after all the good posts about them on here.

Many Thanks.

  Bbstr653 15:12 07 Sep 2007

I have Just purchased a high end gaming PC from Eclipse computers. There website states 3 to 5 day wait for the PC to be built, which at the time of ordering was a bit plus as it was a birthday present for my son so I placed an order. Seven days latter I phoned to see what the holdup was. The sales rep explained that with the type for system I had ordered and the components being such high end parts the waiting time for such a system is 10 to 14 days. On the 15th day I phoned again and spoke to th sales manager who was more then helpful, some of the componants had not arrived to complet the system. I then expleind that I needed the system for my sons birthday and what could he do to help me. He offered alternative parts that they did have in stock and gave me the part numbers so i could look at them on there web site be for I accepted. The mother board was of better quality than the one I had orderd and the hard drive as well. The GT 8800 vga card was supplied by BFG insted of XFX being the better known brand, but worked out cheper.
saving a little cash on the card so as a bonas he added a second hard drive to my order. I now have a better system for my money and a happer son so all though the service could have been a lot better then it was I cant argue at the value for money and yes it included vista 64 aswell.
Worth the wait a big yes we have a system eats pc games and is totally upgradeble. Thanks Eclipse

  Bbstr653 15:22 07 Sep 2007

An extra point Be firm with them and talk to the sales manager not the reps.

  Ronnie268 15:31 25 Mar 2008


Customer Service absolutely terrible. Waiting times hugely too long, much longer than published. Unresponsive to phone call or email.

I paid for a computer in Nov 07, arrived 3 weeks later, not 10-14 days. Faulty on arrival - notified them immediately. Collected computer on 3rd Jan, tried to charge for repairs, which I refused. Still waiting for money back 25 Mar 08. They've had my money for more than 4 months and for most of that they've had my computer as well!!

I repeat,

  bnorth 10:02 03 Apr 2008

there's a guy here (Blind_Minotaur ) who ordered the Eclipse Vogue last w/e

I can't register on that site to warn him re their feedback but he's already being messed about a bit
click here
"Called Eclipse computers on monday to find out what sort of a wait im in for. They told my its usually 2-3 weeks to build a comp (and I could have sworn it said 3-5 days when I ordered). "

mine too over a month to arrive .. and I nagged too !! the delay being cos it was "being thoroughly tested" - and when it arrived it didn't work properly and despite my reporting this within 30 days (for the premier collection service) Eclipse said I should send it back at my own expense.
Well I hope blindminotaur has a better experience than so many other Eclipse customers.

  iscanut 11:50 03 Apr 2008

Have a look at this site
click here

Also do a search on these forums for Cougar which will hopefully give you peace of mind re the company.

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