ECDL online?

  Daxsimus 22:31 09 Jan 2007

Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of a good site to complete the ECDL online including learning and taking the test? With the end resulting in a certificate. Cheers Dax

  Totally-braindead 22:49 09 Jan 2007

I don't know if you can do them completly online. Try emailing them and ask click here

  mammak 22:54 09 Jan 2007

Hi there are loads if you google it heres but one uk based click here good luck.

  Mike D 12:57 10 Jan 2007

I run a training centre where we offer ECDL. I don'yt think that the testing can be dome completely on online without your being in a testing centre where the process can be invigilated. We do the testing online but I have to login as an invigilator whenever a test is taken and later, when the logbook is sent away for the certificate to be awarded, I know that the British Computer Society are able to verify the tests (and annually audit the process for each accredited test centre) and the fact the the test awas conducted under formal examination environment.

Students are not allowd acces to books or other reference materials, so if you could do it all yourself, the approved centres' students would be operating at a disadvantage compared to you.


  Mike D 12:59 10 Jan 2007

Oh hell! Last paragrah should read:
"Students are not allowed to access to boooks or other reference material during the test, so if you could do it all yourself, the approved centres' students would be operating at a disadvantage compared to you.


  recap 13:26 10 Jan 2007

Mike D is correct, when sitting the ECDL test an invigilator should be present.

  Daxsimus 20:29 10 Jan 2007

Have looked into test centres and there is one near my home for the end exam.
So which is the best site to go with for price and reliability of online learning? Thanks

  Zero G 13:31 11 Jan 2007

ECDL is a good course to take as it's been embraced by the NHS as the course for most staff who use a PC in their work to have.

Some Colleges however are now looking at the new ITQ courses which are aimed more at the individuals needs. More at click here

  SB23 16:21 11 Jan 2007

I completed the ECDL the middle of last year, after a gap of a few months after moving. I did consider finishing it by doing it online but I'm glad I continued at a test centre with a tutor. The main reason being that there is someone there to ask and help if you get stuck. Another point to add is that there were 2 individuals on the same day as me that had tried it online and given up and joined the tutored course.
Whichever you decide, its fun, and you'll enjoy it.

Lastly, another thing is that you mention that you have found a test centre for the last exam. Unless its changed, I studied / completed a module, then I did the test, before I went onto the next module.

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