Ebuyer,what more can I do

  bluenote 00:40 24 Oct 2005

I ordered a laptop with the specification !.5 mega hz.cdrw cel-m370,on the 27th of sept.I also paid for next day delivery.I recieved emails to say my order had been confirmed, accepted, then one to say it had been dispatched.Late afternoon on the 28th I recieved a delivery which I signed for "unchecked".When starting the laptop I soon realized I had been sent one of lower spec than the one i had ordered.(130 mhz,cdrom,cel-m340)I contacted Ebuyer the following day telling them of their mistake and was told they could not send me the correct one until I had obtained an rma number to return the one they had sent.Which I duly did,it was picked up for return on the 29th. Since then despite phone calls ,enotes, being told that my case is a priority ,I have heard absolutely nothing from their returns dept.I was told by an Ebuyer advisor that they recieved the wrongly delivered laptop back on the 3rd of October ,almost 3 weeks ago.I just don't know what else to do to resolve this situation.Any advice will be welcomed.

  Forum Editor 01:07 24 Oct 2005

and it's difficult. You have every right to be irritated by Ebuyers' apparent lack of action,and you would be perfectly entitled to tell them to cancel the order and return your money, but............

Under curent consumer law they would have 31 days in which to make the refund, and unless you're happy to pay out for another machine in the meantime you'll be trapped with no money and no computer.

In this situation the way forward is to put as much pressure on Ebuyer as possible. Pester them constantly on the phone, and tell them that this kind of inefficiency does nothing for their good reputation, especially as you have published details of the fiasco on a web forum with almost 180,000 potential customers.

  bluenote 11:47 24 Oct 2005

That would be a good idea ,if it was possible to get through to Ebuyer.Last week I twice spent 15 minutes in a queue only to be cut off saying there are no advisors available.Why should I be expected to wait when the fault is totally Ebuyer's.If they do not have the item that I ordered They should either offer me a "compromise" or my money back instantly.They have now had my money for 4 weeks with absolutely no response from the returns department I think this situation is appalling.

  bluenote 18:25 24 Oct 2005

Has noone else had this problem.If you have how did you resolve it.

  bluenote 14:16 30 Oct 2005

Finally got my refund on the 27th (less postage and packing)Cost to me of over £12 ,plus lengthy phone calls and almost 5 weeks of angst.I will not be using Ebuyer again.

  oresome 17:56 30 Oct 2005

Neither would I be happy at financing the carriage cost for an incorrectly supplied item.

  DuncanG 17:23 31 Oct 2005

You should not have to pay the postage cost, when u generated an RMA number it should have said to include the receipt for postage if under £5 or they will collect if over £5 carriage cost (i just returned an item and am not a Ebuyer employee!!!).

Where did the £12 cost come from? They refunded my postage almost straight away.

  bluenote 19:46 31 Oct 2005

The £12 was for next day delivery .I was just relieved to get the bulk of it back ,after almost 5 weeks of being ignored by the returns dept.I have now emailed them for an explanation.alan

  Lead 20:00 15 Nov 2005

I've often wondered how you are meant to include a postage receipt when returning a parcel to Ebuyer. Are you meant to take an open parcel to the PO counter, then seal it up after paying and inserting the receipt? This would also leave you with no proof of postage?

I returned a graphics card to them 2 weeks ago. However, in my case, I weighed the box at home and priced up the postage using the Royal Mail website. It came to £5.35. It took several emails to Ebuyer to pursuade them to collect it. In the end, they did.

I'm still waiting for my refund.

  bluenote 00:06 18 Nov 2005

Don't hold your breath.Ebuyer did arrange for pick up without charge.But it took nearly 5 weeks for the refund .

  TonyM 09:17 18 Nov 2005

Last (faulty) item I sent back to Ebuyer, posted it myself at a cost of about £6.50 (Special Delivery) - faxed them a copy of the PO receipt the same day and they refunded the postage within about 48hrs .....replacement item arrived couple of days later ....always had very good service from them.

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