Ebuyer.com - am I just unlucky or...

  MontyIIac 20:05 25 Feb 2003

Four weeks ago I placed an order with ebuyer, when it arrived I found they'd sent the wrong graphics card. No problem, raised a return request, a week later it still hadn't been actioned so I emailed them telling them how poor I thought this was. Next day I got a response saying sorry, real people work at ebuyer and they make mistakes, and your card should be sent out within two working days. Ten days later (tonight) I have emailed them saying I want a refund and will try to shop elsewhere in future. Am I being unfair, if not are there any PC component mail order firms out there that have decent service?

  akzah 20:14 25 Feb 2003

I found Ebuyer to be good though recently the service has been poor. You are not being unfair and you are totally right to be angry.

I would suggest you go for the major firms:
Here is my list of online shops.

1) Dabs.com - Doubt you can go wrong there, though higher prices.
2) Crucial.com - Never get your RAM from anywhere else.
3) Scan.co.uk - Best Today offer deals and good service though can be a touch expensive.

Others: Simply.co.uk, Ebuyer.com

Otheriwise buy from a local computer shop, that way easy returns and warranty situations though expect highe prices.

  RomQ 20:20 25 Feb 2003

There are plenty of PC component mail order firms out there that have decent service. ALL make mistakes from time to time but some take more care and offer better service than others if something does go wrong.

It's always wise to research the feedback on a company's service here and elsewhere on the Net before purchasing from them.

  two00lbwaster 20:53 25 Feb 2003

i know that crucial have about the best customer service on the planet but overclockers.co.uk do very well too and they offer good cheap memory too which is not to be shuned

  MontyIIac 20:52 18 Mar 2003

Well, time's gone by & this is what's happened - even though I originally requested a refund, they sent me a card out and it arrived about ten days ago. I had another order to place so I thought, everyone makes mistakes, so placed it with ebuyer. The order was placed on a wednesday night, to be delivered on the friday, and by midday on friday the order was still 'awaiting processing' so I fired off a couple of enotes. The order arrived yesterday and the firm has refunded the difference between normal and next day delivery, however the postage refund from my original graphics card has still not been issued. When I pressed on this matter, I was asked to send the proof of postage - maddening considering 1. They confirmed receipt of the item and 2. I was requested to send the receipt with the item. They now have me without a leg to stand on because I didn't have access to a photocopier in my post office (this is Norfolk). I feel very annoyed at myself for giving them a second chance, I have asked for an address for the ebuyer management and will certainly not be giving them a third chance when this finally gets sorted out. The few pounds saved by using ebuyer doesn't seem to be worth the hassle when things go wrong.

  fitcher 20:59 18 Mar 2003

I lived and learned also.

  AMD 4 ever 21:16 18 Mar 2003

me too...cheap but rubbish.

  obbit 21:49 21 Mar 2003

i am glad i read all these threads about ebuyer. i have never bought anything from them and i will think twice and go elsewhere.

  Coaster3 22:27 22 Mar 2003

Thank your lucky stars if you get a refund.

I bought a Canon printer from Ebuyer last September. It no longer works and they will not even discuss the matter. They simply refer me to Canon.

I won't be using Ebuyer in future. They may be cheap but the service is even cheaper.

  bigray 05:53 23 Mar 2003

I posted a response to ebuyer (we are listening )but it was not shown, I wonder if this will be? I purchased two wireless keyboards & mice from them, one was faulty, after ages on site to get a return number, I sent the faulty one back,at a cost to me of £6.50, speaking to some one on the phone I was told it could take weeks to send another, I asked why could they not send a new one with a carrier & pick up the faulty one, to be told that they dont work like that ( to easy I suppose) we wait in hope

  bigray 06:12 23 Mar 2003

I apologise, letter was shown, now on twice, put it down to old age

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