Ebuyer - woosh!!

  Jackcoms 09:37 11 Oct 2005

I ordered a 1GB USB pen drive online from them at 08:50 yesterday (Monday 10th).

The postman was knocking on my door, asking me to sign for it, at 08:30 today.

Well done Ebuyer!

  bluenote 13:55 13 Oct 2005

Just hope you don't have to return it .You won't be saying whoosh any more.

  Jackcoms 14:30 13 Oct 2005


It works perfectly (it's Kingston, so an excellent make) - as does the 512MB one which I bought from them about 4 months ago.

  bluenote 16:15 13 Oct 2005

Not a cynic,more a victim

  Jackcoms 18:23 13 Oct 2005

So, no longer an Ebuyer customer, then - for whatever reason?

  Forum Editor 18:30 13 Oct 2005

I've used them for quite some time, as have many of my clients.

Of course there will be times when things don't go right - that happens with all suppliers - and of course it's annoying, but it is not the norm in Ebuyers' case. They are among the better online suppliers.

  Totally-braindead 18:37 13 Oct 2005

Fraid I disagree with that FE, I would not class them as one of the better online suppliers at all but everyone to their own, I know you deal with them and have had no problems.

Glad you got your purchase so quickly Jackcoms and hope you are happy with it.

  jimmybond 18:56 13 Oct 2005

I agree, I certainly don't think they're in the same league as amazon, who I'll always use if possible.
The one time I had to send back an (ebuyer) item, it took nearly two weeks to get a reply to my return request. whoosh!

  DuncanG 09:27 14 Oct 2005

Was meant to have had an SD card delivered last Thursday, never showed up but according to Ebuyer tracking it was delivered on time. Sent an Enote asking for this to be sorted...guess what? Still not even been read........whoosh!!

  Non Welsh Local 10:10 14 Oct 2005

I disagree as well, I think Ebuyer customer service is poor and the fact it is extremely difficult to contact them only exacerbates this. Plus they use a courier service which insists on a signature (ok maybe not ebuyers fault) whih makes it rather tricky to receive parcels when working.

  [email protected] 11:11 14 Oct 2005

if they didn't require a signature, it would be very difficult to prove whether items had been delivered or not

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