Ebuyer using my card without permission!

  boybrown 16:56 14 Jan 2005

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about how I can best tackle ebuyer. I wanted to order a adsl modem in time for a friday deadline. When I tried to order their site was down and by the time it cam back up the delivery date was now monday. I e-mailed them asking whether as it was their fault they would upgrade the delivery to make sure it was there for Friday. I made it clear in the e-mail that if they couldn't then I would have to go elsewhere. I then received an e-mail saying they wouldnt deliver for friday but had placed the order anyway charging my CC without permission! I immediately put in a returns request which has still not been processed from December 20th! I have sent another e-mail telling them what they had done was illegal but am getting no response!

Any ideas folks I feel completely diempowered here


tom :o)

  Rayuk 17:29 14 Jan 2005

Contact your card issuer explain what has happened see what they have to say.Send ebuyer an e-mail explaining this and see if it wakes them up.

  TomJerry 18:04 14 Jan 2005

they do not normally reply email

  boybrown 18:11 14 Jan 2005

Have already tried this with no response. I gave them 7 days to contact me or that I would look to taking legla action. Am just trying the CC company and will see what they say.

thanks very much for the post


  Forum Editor 18:15 14 Jan 2005

On the one hand you might feel (as you obviously do) that ebuyer acted wrongly by processing the order, but on the other hand some people might have been pleased that their order wasn't further delayed - after all, two extra days isn't the end of the world is it?

Nobody acted illegally, by the way.

  boybrown 19:07 14 Jan 2005

I actually needed the products by the Friday and had already other places to buy the itmes from which is why I contacted ebuyer. I did not place the order with them and gave a contact number so that they could let me know if they could deliver by thr Friday. In this respect they did act illegally as I made it clear that I needed to speak to somone about placing the order, not to actually place the order. this was clear in my e-mail to them and if placing an order and charging me is not illegal then i'm unsure what is?



  bri-an 08:15 15 Jan 2005

I'm a little confused, boybrown (but I often am!).
You say the site was down and when it came back you placed the order - knowing that the site then said the later delivery date - then emailed to say you needed the earlier date?
If this is the case, you placed the order knowing the delivery date, so ebuyer are correct to process it, you gave your card and permission, surely?
Apologies if I am 'reading' this wrongly.

  Forum Editor 08:44 15 Jan 2005

You say you didn't place the order with ebuyer, yet they have your card details, and have charged the card. They wouldn't be able to do this unless they had an order via the site, so when did you actually click the 'submit' button to place your order?

Ebuyer will not speak to you by phone, they don't communicate with customers in that way, so it was no good saying you wished to speak to someone. It seems to me - from what you've said anyway - that you had already placed this order, and then tried to cancel it, which is an entirely different thing. Perhaps you can clarify the position for me (and for bri-an)?

  boybrown 13:34 15 Jan 2005

Hi folks,

The reason ebuyer had my card details os from previous transactions, not because I gave them again. I could not place the order as the site was down but sent an e-note asking whether they would deliver Friday IF i placed an order. They then used the details from previous transactions to place the order on my behalf. At no stage did I place the order or ask them to place it on my behalf. I merely asked whether they could deliver by Friday

does this make sense?

cheers :o)

  boybrown 14:50 15 Jan 2005

Hi folks,

Ebuyer have now contacted me and will give me my returns code within 2 days. Hopefully then I can give back th eunwanted goods and that can be an end to it!

All your feedback has been really helpful and constructive and it's always good having two sides to a discussion as it keeps things fair.


  bri-an 15:59 15 Jan 2005


If you only made an enquiry by email and did not re-submit your cc details then Ebuyer are seriously in the wrong if they simply used your previous details. I would point this out to them and ask that all details they hold on you are removed immediately. I know of no other company that would do this.

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