eBuyer TV purchase and faulty adapter

  goconfused 11:22 24 Oct 2009

I bought a Vistron 22" HD Ready LCD TV Freeview 1680X1050 700:1 300cdm2 HDMI Black in April 2008.
Reasonable telly for the bedroom.
Now the AC ADAPTER has gone (model CP1250 output 12V 5A)
So phone ebuyer and they say it is out of warranty. Fair enough. The TV came with a paper Warranty REGISTIATION card (note the spelling of Registration) and it says 12 months.

So I tell them that I can't use the TV now because of no power so can they supply a new Adapter.

Answer. No they can't.

I have to say that selling a TV that needs a Power AC Adapter in 2008 and now telling me that they cannot supply the power is frankly bizarre.

Or is this normal in today's fast moving disposable electronics marketplace fuelled by cheap and sometimes inferior products from China.

Am I crazy to think that my eBuyer Chinese TV could last more than 18 months ?

By the way, I bought a SONY from Currys about 11 years ago. My main TV. It has lasted well and if and when it conks out, I don't think I will get a replacement from ebuyer.

  Quiet Life 12:21 24 Oct 2009

Plenty available on ebay click here

  goconfused 12:26 24 Oct 2009

thanks Quiet life. Let's hope the replacement lasts a bit longer.

  spuds 18:39 24 Oct 2009

Perhaps to late now, but have you tried Maplin's!.

  smat8888 20:23 09 Feb 2010

I've just had the exact same problem.

Bought a vistron 22" from ebuyer in june 2008 and the AC adapter just went today.

Can you please tell me if the one you bought from ebay worked! If not what did you do?

  smat8888 20:27 09 Feb 2010

oh yeah, and the reason I was sceptical is the one Quiet Life suggested is for 12-19" LCDs not 22".

  [email protected] 00:01 10 Feb 2010

Check the voltage and current of your current one. As long as it is 12V and does not exceed 5A, it will be fine (assuming it has the correct fitting)

  Arnie 00:09 11 Feb 2010

“As long as it is 12V and does not exceed 5A, it will be fine”.

As long as it is 12V the current 'can' exceed 5A*.
The TV or any other unit connected to a PSU will only draw the current it requires.
The important additional factors are the polarity and whether it is d.c. or a.c.
The voltage and type of fitting as you have correctly pointed out should also be compatible.

*Obviously a higher current PSU would cost more and would be unnecessary.

  smat8888 18:58 11 Feb 2010

thanks, waiting for delivery from ebay now

  spuds 19:28 11 Feb 2010

Make sure that it as a 'CE' mark on the appliance.

  [email protected] 11:29 14 Feb 2010

What I meant is that if the original PSU was rated at higher than 5A, then that would suggest the TV may require more than 5A to operate, and hence the ebay replacement may be underpowered. I should have worded it clearer in my original post!

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