Ebuyer and their lack of customer service

  Sisha 09:56 10 Apr 2003

I just thought I warn people of the awful service I have had from ebuyer. I ordered a stick of crucial ram from them that took twice as long to deliver than was promised and was faulty. I requested an RMA number from them (that the site would not at first accept). 2 days after I finaly received acceptance and was issued an RMA number, I received an email informing me that they had received my faulty stick of ram (How I don’t know as it was still sitting on my desk? They then informed me that I had sent them the wrong product back and that they would be returning it to me. They have done this by sending a stick of ram that I cannot use, was never mine in the first place and they sent it to one of my old delivery addresses. I have since sent them an email via their ultra efficient “enotes” system (on Monday) and have yet to receive any form of reply. Why can you never phone these people?

  mcullum_DX4Life 16:21 12 Apr 2003

Ebuyer are by far the best company i have dealt with on the internet, i do not need warning. I make many orders per week to them, and their delivery times and service are always very good. And by the way, they you can contact them by phone, the phone number is 0870 467 0753, although i think they are shut at weekends, but then thier prices are cheaper then everywhere else and they do state (if you read on the website) that they are ahut at weekends and do not accept telephone orders to keep costs lolw. I find their enotes system very good, always get a response within two days.

You have obviously encountered an unlucky problem, i am just making the point that people should not be "warned" away from ebuyer.

Good Luck ;-)

  Totally-braindead 16:59 12 Apr 2003

Some people seem to be lucky with Ebuyer and get good service. I'm afraid I'm not one of them, the first 2 or 3 orders I had from them were fine, the next couple were disasters. I will not be dealing with them again. Every company makes mistakes or supplies faulty goods, its what they do about the mistakes that make the company worth dealing with. Ebuyers customer service is pitiful.
mcullum_DX4life I'm glad you're happy with them unfortunatly a lot of others are not.

  Epirb406 18:07 12 Apr 2003

Only one experience so far but, thumbs up. Early delivery and cheapest I could find on the net.


PS bought a canon scanner off them which I am equally pleased with!

  Gunner Rob 18:19 12 Apr 2003

I have only had one experience with ebuyer and found them to be very helpful and easy to order from. The biggest plus for ebuyer is the fact that you can track your order which is where my delivery fell over for 24 hrs. ebuyer dispatched ahead of time, but citylink failed to deliver on time.

  Simonious 20:45 12 Apr 2003

I'm not sure which number I used but I definitly spoke to them twice! It did take quite a few mins and you get one of those caller count thingys telling you how many people are in front of you in the queue. I've had between 3 and 12 people ahead of me in the queue so you take your chances. I think I got the number from the Website and it was for Customer Services.

  bullitt 23:47 12 Apr 2003

well, nearly 2 months for a reply regarding employment,,, disappointed? NO! cancelled membership etc with sworn solemn statement to never even go near the site again? YES!
disgruntled former prospective employee, who would be far happier eating and shovelling shite with saddam in hell!
( i wonder if i`ll be contacted for future prospects now?)

  Sisha 10:45 14 Apr 2003

I dont understand how anyone got through to them on the phone. You are given three choice when the phone is answered. If you choose ANY of the 3 choices, someone explains that you must do all correspondence via the web site. Thats nearly as bad as jungle.com!
I am going to stick with shops, you pay the extra but if you take it back, it gets replaced straight away!
I admit they are cheap but what good cheap crap?

  Coaster3 12:52 15 Apr 2003

Ebuyer don't know the meaning of the word.

I bought a cd burner from them about 6 weeks ago. The draw wouldn't open. I'm still waiting for a replacement.

I also bought 5 sticks of DDR ram. None of it worked. I bought the same memory from Crucial (which I should have done in the first place) and it all worked. I'm still waiting for a refund.


  Sisha 16:33 15 Apr 2003

Its the rubbish enotes thing that I love. You are not allowed to post more than one query at any one time! They tell you it gets answered within 2 days (ha ha) I have one that I posted two weeks agao that has still not been answered. Turds!

  Coaster3 20:21 16 Apr 2003

I returned two items 14 days ago. Fortunately I returned them by Special Delivery as Ebuyer still has the listed as not received. I put up an enote but I'm not holding my breath.

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