Is Ebuyer still charging £1 a minute for support?

  roythedude 16:13 24 Jun 2008

I have to call ebuyer to sort out a problem but the last time i called their support line they charge me about £1 a minute!!!! Are they still charging for support? If so i might have to remortgage the house to pay for the call!!:(

  day2strike 08:24 25 Jun 2008

It's not un-common for companies to do this.
Anything from 40p to £1 a minute is normal these days.
Some times it's a thing to look at when buying a pc!

  Covergirl 12:12 25 Jun 2008

If you click here and type ebuyer into the box, click Search and it will give you a 0208 number.

Also gives alternative numbers for homEBUYERs so might also solve that remortgage problem :-)

  roythedude 02:51 30 Jun 2008

Tried searching that site but i got 'NO RESULTS FOUND'

Don't know how companies like ebuyer have the cheek to charge you 40p-£1 a minute after you have just spent hundreds of your hardearned cash with them !!

  ened 06:41 30 Jun 2008

The number is: 02080994712

  ened 06:43 30 Jun 2008

Incidentally, although I buy shed loads from ebuyer and have no complaints about their service, I do agree with you about charging for support.

  spuds 10:31 30 Jun 2008

The only thing that I find annoying with Ebuyer, is the instant connection then placed on-hold situation. The other week, their website stated that calls were being answered very quickly, they were, but not by a human.

Other than that, I found Ebuyer one of the best to deal with, due to the amount of goods they stock with good prices. I and my neighbours purchase from them on a very regular basis, usually by combining for free delivery if necessary. Their customer service is very reliable and honest as well.

ened-- Is that the correct telephone number, because 02 is usually a London area number, and Ebuyer are Sheffield based.

  ened 11:45 30 Jun 2008

I don't know (I haven't tried it) but I got it from

I have noticed that many firms are wise to that site now and change their numbers.

  roythedude 22:48 15 Jul 2008

Do you think its fair to charge customers 40p-£1 a minute for support?

  Forum Editor 22:57 15 Jul 2008

Why don't you call him and ask him yourself?

  nosharpe 12:51 16 Jul 2008

I think it's fair to charge for support but only when a conversation commences.

Having to pay that charge while on hold should be outlawed by OFT.
It's interesting to note that yesterday's average wait time for eBuyer was just over a minute with the longest wait being 11minutes.

I see they offer a service called eNote but this does have up to 12 hour response time.

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