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  Aspman 09:53 05 Aug 2004

I bought up parts for a PC from Ebuyer last week all arrived in good time etc.

I built the PC switched on and BOOM up goes the PSU.

I've contacted Ebuyer and have obtained an RMA number but I've got to pay postage and I've not seen anything that says I'll get the money back.

On a smaller item this wouldn't be too bad but this a is a heavy steel case. I could probably buy a new PSU for the price of the postage.

I've got the hump now, I don't see why I should be out of pocket for a defective product.

  Baledor 11:25 05 Aug 2004

The Trading Standards department have given me a leaflet from which I have pulled this text for you:

"If the goods are faulty, not as described or of unsatisfactory quality you can ask for a repair or replacement or reject them and get you money back.

Even if you don't find the fault for a while you can usually still claim for a free repair or replacement. Within these rights you may also claim the cost of returning the goods.

If the goods develop a fault within the first six months, it will be assumed that the fault was there when you bought it unless the seller can prove otherwise"

All this is take from a leaflet called "Shopping from home: your distance shopping rights explained"

Hope this helps.

  Aspman 11:46 05 Aug 2004

Cheers Baledor.

I had a quick chat with my local Trading Standards office not long after I posted this.
Once again two thumbs up very helpful people.

I was advised I shouldn't be liable for the postage on the return of faulty goods. Although that may include me paying up front and being refunded later. The customer should only have to pay for postage for the return of non-faulty goods.

I've left an enote asking for the point to be clarified.

Trading Standards have offered to get in touch with Ebuyers local TS office should a debate arise.

  Aspman 12:07 05 Aug 2004

Got a reply from Ebuyer saying what I had hoped.
Just wish they had this info on their site. I'll paste below for future reference.

Thank you for your recent contact with ebuyer.

We will refund postage for items that are found to be faulty or that have been incorrectly shipped by ourselves. Please send us your postage receipt(s) along with the RMA request number (not RMA number) it refers to, written on it and we will be glad to refund you for it. You can return the postage receipt to us in the following ways.

1. Fax it to 0870 4675001.
2. Include it in with any RMA packages you are sending to us, make sure it is in a safe and prominent position.
3. Send it on its own via the post to.

Customer Support
Ebuyer UK Ltd
PO Box 3189,
S9 3WY.


  Aspman 11:09 18 Aug 2004

I'm please to be able to put a happy end to this and some praise for Ebuyer for their customer services.

I returned the case to Ebuyer (Royal Mail delivered late so they are due me 12 stamps).
I quickly got a note to say the case woiuld be repaired under warranty but would have to go back to Antec and it would take 28 working days (best part of 6 weeks). No I was already late getting this pc to my customer so I ordered another case to get this finished off quickly. 2 hours after I had made the order I got another note to say that the case had been repaired and dispatched out to me.

Too late to change the order I contacted Ebuyer through the Enotes system and after a little initial confusion I've had the second order amended and the cost of the second case refunded to my card.

So praise for Ebuyer for sorting this out.

  Lead 21:26 20 Aug 2004

On the subject of returning faulty goods:

After confirming they would refund my postage, I returned some faulty memory to Crucial. However, now they say they won't reimburse me as I returned the memory via Recorded Delivery and not Special Delivery.

Do you think this is acceptable?

  ensonricky 21:58 20 Aug 2004

Ebuyer 1 Crucial 0, it's not often you see that. If crucial have safely got the goods in their possession it sounds a bit harsh to say the least. At the end of the day it will save them money!

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