Ebuyer Rant

  PalaeoBill 17:53 28 Jul 2010

I can see that plenty of people on this forum have used Ebuyer and are happy with them. I can't tell you how good or bad they are as I have given up trying to order anything from them.
I filled my shopping basket, clicked on checkout, clicked on checkout with Paypal and was not taken to Paypal but forced into registering as a customer on the Ebuyer web site. As a business they wanted my company registration number, number of employees & number of PC's all compulsory questions. I don't know what the next page of questions would have asked because I backed up and selected personal instead of business. They wanted my name and address fair enough, but then they wanted my date of birth and mothers maiden name, a memorable year, etc... again compulsory questions.
I don't want to give out all that much information to buy a few bits of computer spares. I thought the whole purpose of PayPal was that you didn't need to do that. I shouldn't even need to give them my address, PayPal handle that.
Well they lost a customer today, and I couldn't even send an e-mail to them to complain as they make it incredibly difficult to do that (they call it an E-Note and it has to fall into one of their listed categories, which 'I don't want to give you all of this information, just sell me some stuff through PayPal' doesn't fall).

  Forum Editor 18:21 28 Jul 2010

hadn't seen PayPal as an ideal vehicle via which to launder their ill-gotten gains it wouldn't have been necessary for European governments to introduce money-laundering legislation, and force companies like PayPal to find out as much as they can about people who use their servers to transfer money from one place to another.

I'm afraid the days when you could move your own money around in any way you like, with a minimum of third party interference are long gone. Don't blame Ebuyer, or Paypal, blame the criminals.

  wiz-king 18:56 28 Jul 2010

You could allways fax them an order with your card number, fax does still have its uses!

  PalaeoBill 19:33 28 Jul 2010

It does, and I have one but Ebuyer don't (or at least I haven't been able to find its number). I did try the land line (at 10p per minute) but was politely told to use e-notes. However I discovered [email protected] works for anyone who may want it.

I could have tried snail mail I suppose. They do give their postal address on the web site, but in the end I went for Amazon who had no problem taking my money, albeit a little more than Ebuyer wanted for the same stuff.

  lotvic 20:48 28 Jul 2010

I haven't bought anything from Ebuyer since they suddenly wanted me to email copy of my passport and Driving Licence and utility bill.
And yes it was Ebuyer that asked, and a copy of their email was on their famous E-note system after they had cancelled my order 'for a security check'

  dms_05 09:31 29 Jul 2010

As FE says - it's because of money laundering.

Have you tried to open an ISA or Savings account on-line? I have and you'd be surprised how many financial institutions ask for apparently random information. I also found what was acceptable to one Institution was totally unacceptable to another.

I even talked with the Chief Compliance Officer with Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank when identical applications from myself and my wife produced a result of my application been accepted but my wifes refused when all the paperwork, except first name, was identical and acceptable to other banks. During that conversation I was surprised how seriously money laundering is taken and how much time it took to approve a customer.

In addition if I now apply for a new account with the same financial institution I will have to prove who I am again as old customer account names are hijacked by money launderers.

So I'm not at all surprised by the response of eBuyer who seem to be taking their responsibilities seriously. Maybe others areb't?

  PalaeoBill 11:12 29 Jul 2010

I don't see what additional money laundering protection this would have given.
Ebuyer wanted me to register with them and set up a password protected account on their server 'so that I could make future purchases more easily'. My mothers maiden name, my date of birth, the number of employees in my company, the number of PCs I own, etc. cannot be checked against anything with the credit card company. I could have made up the information and never bought from them again, it would not have affected the transaction I was trying to make.
They could have verified that the address I gave them was the one registered to my credit card and they could have used the additional 'verified by visa' security. I would have done that instead of PayPal but you still had to register with them regardless.

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