ebuyer product shipped with no packaging

  Kate B 13:55 12 Aug 2004

I love how cheap ebuyer is but a Sandisk memory stick I ordered has arrived au naturel - no packaging, just stuck in an envelope. It's a gift, so it might look as though I have rather meanly wrapped up one of my own surplus MSs rather than having purchased one but more importantly, should I worry about the absence of packaging? Does it imply dodgy sourcing? Or that it's second-hand?

  Baledor 14:11 12 Aug 2004

That is very poor, and yes it does look like it could have been a return.

You can cancel the sale within 7 days without a reason, under the distance selling regulations; return the item with a letter informing them that you are cancelling.

I have a leaflet about the distance selling regulations here, although it doesn't specifically mention your situation, one of the paragraphs is headed 'it isn't what you ordered' and goes on to say 'If the goods aren’t what you ordered, you are entitled to a full refund and the trader pays for the cost of the return'

I think you could reasonably interpret that as, you ordered what you believed to be a new memory stick and expect it to arrive in a blister pack or suchlike, what you received was an EBay auction type product and that isn’t what you ordered.

  Kate B 14:18 12 Aug 2004

Thanks Baledor, actually I hadn't thought it might be a return. I've sent them an email and will sit tight till close of play tomorrow, then as you suggest, phone 'em.

Annoying, though, as my chap's birthday is at the weekend and I'll have to go out and buy retail now.

  Totally-braindead 21:21 12 Aug 2004

I'd forget phoning them Kate B you'll never get a reply.

I ordered MSI FX 5900XT 128 Gr/Card (Retail Package) I received the card ON ITS OWN in a plain envelope ie with no software, cables etc etc. I requested a Refund and bought elseware (the complete retail package) and it worked out cheaper

  spuds 23:45 12 Aug 2004

I have always praised ebuyer on their method of business and customer relations, over a period of time. I order a reasonable amount of goods from them but yesterday I received a box of goods, and the packaging was far from secure. The four items in the box had plenty of free movement, as not enough 'air-bag' packing had been used. The main outer box was not taped, and two very loose [and I mean loose] fitting banding tape were fitted.It would have been very easy for someone to have gained access to the inner contents. Yes that was a definate first time slip-up as far as I am concerned.

Another thing that I noticed, was the fact that I ordered the goods on the 04/08/04 for standard delivery on the 10/08/04.Tracking the goods, it would appear as though the items were not packed until the 9th,arrived at the local City-Link depot at 6.54am on the 10th,put on the local deliver van at 7.42am, and delivered to my home address at 12.15pm. Could I call this next day delivery!. Usually I find that ebuyer pick and pack within 2 to 3 days on placing an order, but this time it seems as though they left it to the very last minute.

  Kate B 09:32 13 Aug 2004

hmm, ebuyer's website is down at the moment. All sounds rather worrying. I have to say that I'm not impressed and RonM70 and spuds' experiences don't fill me with confidence. This will be my first and last dealing with ebuyer.

  byfordr 10:36 13 Aug 2004

they must being trying to avoid Friday 13th ;-)

My experiences with Ebuyer have generally been positive. The stuff I've ordered comes quickly with a reasonable amount of packaging. A couple of times stuff has gone back and they have been pretty fast at refunding money. Their enotes system can be a little slow at times, but the threat of getting the credit card company involved normally pushes them along.

For me the great prices, superb delivery and convience out weigh the hassle when they do get it wrong.

There are other companies I would never use again, Ebuyer is most certainly one I would.


  spuds 11:25 13 Aug 2004

I would most certainly agree, that ebuyer are one of my favourite companies.Deliveries are usually on the day specified or a day or so early, at no extra cost. But the insecurity of packaging with the last sent goods, would make me think that something is not as it previously was.Perhaps the more experienced staff are on holidays!.

I will still fully support ebuyer, until the day that things go really wrong, and so far, that problem as not happened for me.

  Kate B 14:33 13 Aug 2004

Well, I've had what I think is a good response from Ebuyer (see below) but given RonM70's similar experience I think I'll return the thing, get my money back and probably not buy from them again.

Here's what they said:

Dear Ms Bevan

Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Team.

We would not normally send out an item without the relevant packaging, I am therefore very concerned to hear that an item has arrived in what appears to be a used state.

At this stage I would suggest it may be better to return this item, and request a replacement, especially as it was intended as a gift, and I appreciate this would not look very good for the recipient.

(then a helpful how-to-return walkthrough).

I can't fault the , both in terms of speed and genuine concern, but the thing shouldn't have been shipped without packaging in the first place.

  byfordr 14:57 13 Aug 2004

There are very few companies that will never makes mistakes...whats important is their response. (unless they are repeatedly incompetent!)


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