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  RobCharles1981 16:08 24 Jul 2006

I have orderd and recieved on the 5th of July some stuff that I have purchased on Ebuyer and one of the items concerns this item click here

Its been working perfectly, but I had to remove the case where it is stored to get inside and the Door of the case snapped off from the hinges because it got cought on something I know its a pain init?

Just been on the phone to Ebuyer and they said to make a return on this item - do you think they will replace this item? for me but looking at now where the door was it was originaly fastned on the front pannel which I assumes clips off.

Should I return this item?

Cheers Rob

  Monument 16:53 24 Jul 2006

You say "Door of the case snapped off from the hinges because it got cought on something "

IMO eBuyer are under no obligation to replace this as the damage was caused by you and not down to a fault.

As such you will just make yourself liable to the p+p and will therefore be further out of pocket.

  dontmeshwithme 17:06 24 Jul 2006

Am I understanding your question correctly, in that you are wanting ebuyer to replace an item you have broken by accident? If that is the case (pardon the pun) then I very much doubt they will. I agree with monument, I wouldn't even bother sending it back. Sorry.

  Sic 17:26 24 Jul 2006

Don't bother mate, you will as monument and dontmeshwithme say just cost yourself money on postage and agro.

  RobCharles1981 18:21 24 Jul 2006

ok not to worry anyway I wont bother but for safe messure I did send an enote to them to see what they would do, apart from that its just one of those things, the case is working well to be fair nice and cool

  Totally-braindead 19:28 24 Jul 2006

I have to agree with the others. You broke it so unfortunate as that may be its hard cheese.

The exception to this would be if you thought either the hinge or whatever had a crack in it, which I think would be impossible to prove, or if you thought the case had a design flaw in that the hinge was designed so badly that it would break anyway.
I take it from what you are saying that you are happy with the case and just a bit annoyed over breaking the hinge. All I can suggest is try to modify or glue it. Theres no way Ebuyer will take it back.

  RobCharles1981 11:40 08 Aug 2006

Well I went against you all and made an rma and they have classed it as faulty and replacing it with a far better fase click here

I'm a bit concerned about my PSU its only 350 Watts for my AMD 64 3800 System I feel I want more guts, I have been suggested the Hiper 580 Watts I'm looking at Quickcodes 98562 (Which is out of stock) And

click here

What are the differences in the PSU's ??

  dontmeshwithme 12:03 08 Aug 2006

I am sorry but people who make fraudulent claims make it more difficult for those of us who have genuine claims. Would you expect Tesco's tpo replace a bottle of wine you dropped at home? Didn't think so.

  RobCharles1981 15:32 08 Aug 2006

Stop talking a load of crap and allow someone with with knowledge on this issue please!!!

  Stuartli 16:09 08 Aug 2006

Utter shame on you for returning the item which you broke yourself and then making a comment to dontmeshwithme which is quite unnecessary and undeserved; both reveal the real you.

  dontmeshwithme 17:06 08 Aug 2006

I always have to question the sanity of some-one who commits fraud then brags about it on a website?? As for my knowledge, one of the biggest drains on your pc is the graphics card, for example a system running a quad SLI configuration will require much more power than one with a built in intel graphics chip set. It will also require far greater cooling and therefore more power to run the fans. Is it SLI or perhaps Crossfire?? Also are you running one hard drive or 4 in a raid configuration? what about optical drives?? They all consume power?? Good luck finding some-one who will give you advice on here. Most people at best ignore the obnoxious.

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