dblakemore 19:06 25 Nov 2009

I ordered my 24" monitor, delivery within 5 days it said, they had 2 tel numbers and my correct address (which has lots of post and parcels each week), so after the 7th day of no monitor arriving and no contact from anyone, on the Friday I called the help line number at God knows how much per minute? 0871 521 3300 and after 22 minutes on the phone in which time I asked if they sold products at cost prices and the real business was telephone call help lines!! (they denied this) I got told that we have just spoke to UPS and you house has no number-WTF! No phone call nothing from anyone! So the helpful lady then said we will attempt to deliver again on Monday, so what changed? Guess what no monitor Monday and still no phone call or contact of any kind.
So back on the phone again for 28 minutes of being on hold waiting for UPS to answer Ebuyer etc. The reply than was UPS will call you in the morning to sort delivery they are closed now!!
Guess who did not call, YOU GUESSED UPS did not call again, so back on the phone for call number 3 for another 25minutes, todays reason, UPS said there had been an address change- what nonsense I said and the lady agreed "they must have mixed up the item numbers she said"
Late that night my monitor arrived with a confused delivery man who claimed the postcode was wrong- so I stayed with him and his Tom Tom to check, we put his postcode off his paperwork and guess what *oh I must have put the wrong on in"
I have no idea how much my 70minutes on the phone has cost me in lost business or telephone charges from my mobile as I travel the UK but Ebuyer has been the most painful shopping experience EVER.
Plugged it in and it's buzzing loudy so call number FOUR to the support line and 10 mins later they gave me another number to call in the morning 0871 528 5191 as they are closed now ! so I can return my monitor- what a mess 80 minutes on in call charges and one more to go and hopefully I am free on Ebuyer for ever- I am after a projector if anyone knows a good alternative??

My note to Ebuyer after almost 2 weeks!!!
Thank you, there was no address change and yes I have received my monitor which I have just set up and is buzzing very loudly- what a mess and dam awful service so far/ 3 times I have called you on your expensive call line and now I'm just doing my 4th in the painful 2 weeks since I made the mistake of placing an order with you ! ??


  ajm 19:42 25 Nov 2009

I recently praised ebuyer on their fantastic service and delivery click here

a few days later on a Friday evening, I had to purchase a very high end laptop and software for a client of mine and chose Saturday delivery expecting these to come the next day. I received confirmation of order, but didnt double check the date The laptop came on Saturday, but the software didnt arrive. I fouind out that the delivery was going to be the following Saturday. Luckily the client could live without the software for week as he was flying abroad and the laptop was important.

Wrote a e-note on ebuyer's system asking for the software to be be despatched earlier and they changed the delivery date for Monday this week. Received the software on Monday as promised.

Also noticed that Ebuyrer had charged me again for the software, despite it being paid in full when purchased with the laptop.

Wrote an e-note again explaining why the extra charge. I also emailed 2 directors at E-buyer and within a couple of hours got a response from one one them apologising and explaining that due to them changing the delivery date, my card was deducted for the software and that a refund would be in my account and they would also be crediting the delivery charge The refund of the software is showing on my bank card, however the dleivery charge has not appeared.

However, no one has yet replied to my e-note that I wrote initially - just as good that I emailed the top guys and got this sorted.

dblakemore- send me a note through the yellow envelope if you wish me to provide you woith the names and email address of the directors I emailed.

  spuds 20:53 25 Nov 2009

If you have a problem with Ebuyer, then Amando Sanchez (Operations Director) might be the person to contact. He once suggested on the forum that any problems and he would deal with them. His direct telephone number 01430 433616.

To be fair, the only thing I think you can critisize ebuyer on here is the waiting time on the phone. Once you've got through to them, they appear to have done as much as reasonably possible to help you.

It is UPS that are to blame for the delivery fiasco, and the manufacturer for the fact that your unit is faulty.

  donki 11:56 26 Nov 2009

Couldnt agree with you more, the delivery is the responsibility of UPS and the driver who couldnt input a post code on a SAT nav. The manufacturer is responsible for a monitor working stright out of the box.

  shellship 18:09 26 Nov 2009

As FE will no doubt remind us, although delivery was by UPS and the monitor was not made by Ebuyer, the fact remains that your contract was/is with Ebuyer and it up to them to sort it pronto.

  Forum Editor 18:28 26 Nov 2009

as if your complaint is primarily about the UPS service, rather than Ebuyer's.

That said, the advice about your contract being with Ebuyer is correct, and it is them with who you must deal. My advice is to try to maintain a semblance of calm - remarks such as " I asked if they sold products at cost prices and the real business was telephone call help lines!! " are hardly helpful, and are likely to antagonise.

  Ford Prefect 01 18:07 27 Nov 2009

The comment about making money from phone lines is a good one. However when I had a beef with EBuyer they did refund the cost of calls back to my credit card when I submitted an itemised phone bill to them.

I do think that if you have purchased something, no matter where from, the seller should provide a normal phone number, or even better an 0800 one. The first company to do this will get my attention first and foremost.

In fact there is one organisation very close to this Utopia, it is called Amazon.

  anthonystorey 10:06 28 Nov 2009

is right, fortunatly ive yet to have any problems with Ebuyer (like most people). According to there website it costs 10p a min to contact them so maybe the bill wont be as high as you think.

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