Ebuyer Headache

  andywolve 11:05 26 Aug 2005

Hi there,

I bought a few computer parts from ebuyer and all was going well, until I received a wrong hard drive (20th July). Once I realised this I was on Customer Support asking what to do, they asked me to fill in the RMA form online. I filled it online, and when it came to sending it back to them it was cheaper for me to arrange a collection.

On 21st I was expecting the rest of my computer parts, and this is when the return was going. I did a late shift, and I was in bed when the delivery came. My mum dealt with the delivery and the return at the same time, she handed the parcel back to Initial City link.

I telephoned Initial, to make sure this was ok, and that the parcel would be delivered ok, and they reassured me and said everything will be ok.

I waited and waited for Ebuyer to contact me about my RMA, but nothing... I rang on the 26th to chase it up, with the confirming that i will receive my exchange shortly. I went on the internet to see if I could obtain the product elsewhere, and found it cheaper, and with FREE postage. On the same day I even rang back and said taht I no longer want an exchange that I want a refund instead, they said ok, it will be back on your card within 3 days.

Whilst I was ringing them I was leaving eNotes on the website.

Basically, with no refund as promised I kept asking and ringing and emailing.. with no such luck. Recently they even now asked if they ever received the goods, Dave who took my call ended up shouting at me and my mum, Great Customer Service, i think?! You surely wouldnt expect that at Tesco would you?

Now It seems that ebuyer doesnt want to know, and I keep ringing Initial, they are trying for me to get them to contact me....

I am now fed up and getting a bit panicky about my refund.


  spuds 12:39 26 Aug 2005

Perhaps I have got this wrong, but it seems as though you are trying to involve Initial in your refund and they have no responsibility for this. Deal with Ebuyer, and send them a short but polite letter stating that you want the refund that was promised. Address the letter to Ebuyer [UK] Ltd, 201 Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LR. Make sure that a receipt is given at Ebuyers end, so as to confirm the letter was delivered. I would also mention in your letter that you will be taking the matter up with your credit card company, if they do not [ebuyer] shows a favourable response.Pressure or suggesting of contacting credit card companies can help achieve the thing that you are seeking.

Whether the item was cheaper elsewhere with free postage, then this would have been your responsibility to have found this source before deciding to place an order with ebuyer. It as nothing to do with an afterthought on your behalf. Why did Dave at Ebuyer shout at you and your mum!.

  andywolve 00:56 27 Aug 2005

As I had a two different consignment numbers, the return, which should have been collected at a later time(Which we did not know about). The paper work has been left and on the website it is still showing as 'not collected'

So ebuyer was refering to this, so I telephoned intial to ask for help. Me and my mum received excellent customer service, they are polite and they seem to bend over backwards to help. And have told us that they will be sending emails to help sort this headache out...

Dave ended up shouting at us, as he would not choose to beleive us that Initial City Link had collected, and that the call seemed to be going in circles, he kept putting my mum on hold, without any explanation to why, each hold seemed to last longer, we were on the phone to ebuyer for more than an hour, towards the end he started to shout, where my mum was just calm and politely asked for him not to shout.

I however dont have a credit card, but at the time a solo card, now been converted to Visa Electron. I will do what you have advised.

I mentioned about the cheaper alternative because I wanted to explain why I wanted a refund.


  harps1h 07:25 27 Aug 2005

i think if you check through older threads that ebuyer have up to 30 days to refund the money. you also may find that they may charge you a "restocking " charge which will be deducted from your refund. however if you didn't pay through a visa card then you will have difficulty forcing the issue. if the refund is not forhcoming then call the local trading standards to see if the can be of any help. i should say though that i have used ebuyer and had no problems. i would also do as spuds suggested and write a clear concise letter detailing out the facts. do not though take a threatening stance, but by all means be clear that you are unhappy at their response so far

  Ranger 09:26 27 Aug 2005

My own personal thought is that E-buyer should not be charging a re-stocking fee, if they tried this on, I would point out to that THEY supplied the wrong goods and that in the meantime you were able to source the goods elswhere, remember they broke the contract buy supplying the wrong item not you

  RiverQuai 03:14 29 Aug 2005

I have placedc 6 orders with ebuyer this year and threy have messed up 4 of them. Wrong items sent or missing items. Their e-notes system is apalling it takes 3-7 days before they reply. Untill recently you could not even phone them uness you lookeed very hard on their web site. They do give a number now. I had to phone from overs - was kept on hold for 8 minutes, all becaudse they sent the wromng items to my UK address (which was foraarded to me) Usually when you get through to someone (eventually) they are helpful but their warehosue system us ureliable and getting THEIR problems sorted out is a hassle. I have lost patience with them, Better off poaying a bit more but getting reliable service. Troubel is WHO gives consistent good service. Any suggestions?

  Midsman2005 12:04 30 Aug 2005

I have bought three things from Ebuyer and had problems with the first purchase and the third purchase.

I wont be using them again.

Dabs is currently the only online computer shop I have not had even one problem with and I have bought from them about 20 times.

I know someone who has had trouble with Dabs a couple of time...but each time it has been the courier and not Dabs themselves. E.g. Items being lost...which Dabs replaced....so you cant really say fairer than that.

  andywolve 14:51 30 Aug 2005

thanks for all your help, and responses. I have placed many orders with Ebuyer (Beware! - Buyer Beware, lol), and had no problems what so ever, apart from last year when they wouldnt dispatch to me, due to warehouse problems. But other than that, the service was ok.

But due to this error, and ebuyer not wanting to cooperate then I will simply choose by my mouse pointer and it will simply not be Ebuyer.

I am still waiting for them to ring me, and have heard nothing... (surprised?)


  andywolve 14:56 30 Aug 2005

is it me, or ebuyer cuts people off when you ring them?

  Terrycot 16:38 30 Aug 2005

Pleased I read this thread was just about to place an order for a hard drive.

  andywolve 13:10 31 Aug 2005

ok, yesterday managed to get through to ebuyer, they wont pay up unless initial city link, declares it lost. I asked Initial City Link to declare it lost, they said that they couldnt do that without authorisation with Ebuyer.
PcAdvisor What should I do, should I get the police involved?

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