Ebuyer-Grey imports

  paddy75 13:38 06 Aug 2005

Hi all i am thinking of buying a digital camera from here and i was wondering if they supply grey imports,any of you bought a camera from then in the past,would you let me know of your experiences with them.Paddy

  LastChip 13:57 06 Aug 2005

But I do buy a significant amount of equipment from them (including cameras) and anything that on rare occasions that has gone wrong, they have dealt with without any fuss.

Remember, your contract is with ebuyer, not with the manufacturer of the product.

You will find adverse comments on this site regarding their after sales service (including one from way back from me) but that all seems (in the main) to be in the past.

A couple of recent RMA's I had, were turned around within a few days, so no more complaints from me!

As I've said before here, you have to remember they are an E-Retailer. You have to comply with their systems 100% to get the best results. Try and circumvent that, and you're asking for grief. If you're are uncomfortable with that, stick with Argos or Dixons or wherever, when you can walk into a shop and talk to someone. Personally, I'll stick with ebuyer!

  jakimo 14:57 06 Aug 2005

I to have been looking at Ebuyer digicam offerings,I suggest you read the customer reviews, I noticed that some report of receiving digicams that were intended for non uk markets

  pj123 15:00 06 Aug 2005

Don't understand. Are you saying you want to buy Grey Imports? and if so can you get them from Ebuyer?

  paddy75 15:41 06 Aug 2005

No,i don't want to buy a grey import,i want a full UK spec camera and all that goes with it,leads plugs ect.Paddy

  pj123 16:05 06 Aug 2005

OK, so what is your budget for this camera?

Have a look here: click here

  paddy75 16:20 06 Aug 2005

pj123, the camera is about £750 (Nikon d70s+kit lens) and even with the extortionate delivery charges to N.Ire Ebuyer is still the cheapest ive found.So you can understand why i want to be careful.Paddy

  Forum Editor 16:43 06 Aug 2005

Nikon will have supplied the camera direct to ebuyer, and I would think the chances of it being a 'grey import' are remote.

They only have 2 in stock by the way, so I wouldn't delay too long - at that price it's a very good deal. If you aren't happy with the camera when it arrives you can return it (without having to give a reason) within 7 days, so you're protected anyway.

  paddy75 16:58 06 Aug 2005

Thanks for all replies i think i will go ahead with Ebuyer.Paddy

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