eBuyer - Goods unfit for purpose?

  Strangely Brown 10:41 05 Aug 2004

Don't knowif anyone else has been caught out like this recently.

Last week I bought an Epson Stylus CX6400 Multifunction printer for my father in law from eBuyer for £105 + VAT. (I won't even mention the fun and games involved in their 'whenever they decide' delivery policy!)

Anyway, yesterday I go to install it and what do I find? A device meant for the German market. By now I'm used to the returns policy so I start the RMA process. This tells me to contact Epson direct. As I believe that this is usual Epson policy I'm not surprised by this. However, I was about to find out why eBuyer don't want you to contact them.

I rang Epson and explain the problem. the upshot of the problem is that eBuyer are flogging off a bunch of German market machines in the UK and I have to pay Epson £25 for the UK specific pack for the machine. The lady at Epson tells me that they have had dozens of calls regarding this.

Whilst the total price of the package is still less than the shops I am furious with what would appear to be blatant false advertising by eBuyer in selling goods that are not fit for the UK market. I event went to check the advert again yesterday and imagine my surprise to find that the details have been removed from the website.

Anyway, I'm off to write a pointless eNote. Anyone else got any ideas for a course of action to take?

  Baledor 11:16 05 Aug 2004

Ebuyer are wrong to point you in the direction of Epson with regards to problems/customer service for this device. As a new product sold directly to you, the contract sale lies between Ebuyer and yourself.

If there is an issue with the product detailed for the German market I am not so sure. Most European products are manufactured to be able to be sold to many European countries, it makes no sense in planning or monetary terms to manufacture a product soley for sale in 1 country, unless there were specific legislative requirements for that country.

You don't mention what makes the product unfit for the UK market, and if you have the steps of started RMA procedures with Ebuyer without checking if you possibly may just need to change a menu setting or suchlike then I can probably understand the flippant response from Ebuyer.

  georgemac 13:50 05 Aug 2004

send it back and get your money back under the distance selling regulations.

  bruno 16:14 05 Aug 2004

There is a difference in the keyboards used in German speaking countries to ours, as they use several different letters to us(with umlauts and so on).This may explain why the printers would be different,as they would need to be different, too.

  Stuartli 17:41 05 Aug 2004

The product, on the understanding that you bought it, is unfit for its purpose.

You should not have to pay additional charges to ensure that it will work.

If you bought it by credit card, inform the CC company immediately. It will take the matter up with Ebuyer and also refund your purchase price and, if necessary, any expenses you have to meet.

Also contact Ebuyer pointing out you have taken this step and request that it arranges for the item to be collected at its own expense.

If there is a refusal and you, in the meantime, receive the refund, then it will still be up to Ebuyer to make arrangements for the return of the goods.

I've had this experience once or twice in the past when a company, despite often repeated promises, has failed to collect the goods.

In the end I've ended up both with the refund and the goods - after six months or so the goods have been sold to a friend or relative at a marked down price.

  Strangely Brown 21:48 05 Aug 2004

Thanks to all for your feedback thus far.

Just a quick note to cover why the machine was not delivered in a fit state:-

1) The installation CD was the German version
2) The manual was in German
3) The power lead was a 2-pin plug type
4) The detachable fascia panel had all button
descriptions in German.

At the moment I am planning to pursue eBuyer for the £25.00 extra I've had to cough up to Epson to get the manchine working. Shame it wasn't Italian, my Father in law could have managed that!!

I know I should pursue this much harder but I've just completed a six month home extension project so, as you can imagine, I have very little appetite for yet another confrontation with suppliers. Let's see how I get on.

Once again, thanks for all of your welcome feedback.

I suppose some bargains are just too good to be true!

  Stuartli 10:37 06 Aug 2004

At the risk of stating the obvious seems like a follow up by PC Advisor's CustomerWatch column is in order.....

  Urotsukidoji 10:49 06 Aug 2004

at the risk of sounding stupid, and i mean no offence so please do not take it

but from what you say you bought the printer for £125 approx. the retail on this kit is £200 - a saving of £75. but it was a german one, ok so you need a new kettle lead, and the english drivers. epson charge you £25 for them.

erm arent you still saving £50 on the retail price?

a 25% saving is not to be sniffed at in this day and age, OK so it inconvenienced you to the tune of £25 but really if it was me, i would be happy knowing i got a cheap top of the range printer, and then go and buy from a decent online company - scan/ overclockers / dabs etc

people today are all to ready to look at the negative side of things, no wonder stress is so prevalent in this day and age, go outside and play in the sunshine for a bit, and come back with a smile on your face ;o)

Thats hardly the point though is it? If Ebuyer are selling the product to the UK, then they have to provide the product as fit for use.

End of story. If its under seven days old...send it back under distance sellers regs.

I used Ebuyer a lot and like their prices, though often their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

  Urotsukidoji 11:27 06 Aug 2004

ah yes, but most mfrs have regional drivers, not hardware due to production costs. the cheaper alternative is d/l the drivers for free from the net. the printer uses a kettle lead, so use a spare one or get one from pc world for a fiver.

  Strangely Brown 11:45 06 Aug 2004

I do actually agree with you regarding the fact that I've still made a saving which is why, as I pointed out previously, I'm not as annoyed as I could be. If it had just been a case of a new lead and downloading the manual and drivers I probably wouldn't be bothered at all but the fact that a replacement fascia panel is also required was the big issue.

What did bother me is the lack of this information on the item description on the eBuyer website. It is more than just me that has been affected by this as pointed out by Epson.

I too use eBuyer quite a bit and their prices really are hard to beat. I've also had little problem with their returns process. However, this transaction has made me feel much less warm towards them.

Perhaps it's time to play in the sunshine!!!!

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