ebuyer - is this good service

  grumpy-git 18:33 03 Oct 2005

Placed order for laptop & carrycase on July 25th
Laptop arrived on July 29th, but no carry case

On Aug 12th I received an e-mail telling me my order had been dispatched

On Aug 17th I sent them an e-note saying the carrycase had not arrived

'Phoned them a week later and they promised one would be sent

On Sept 1st sent another e-note saying still waiting

On Sept 7th sent another e-note.

My first e-note reply from ebuyer was on sept 7th, apologising for delay and saying they were waiting for stock.

I acknowledged their e-note, but sent further e-notes on Sept 21st & 30th reminding them I was still waiting.

Guess what, today, Oct 3rd, I received an e-note telling me:-

"the item is now showing as discontinued"

and promising to refund my payment, which was taken from my credit card back in July!!

If you look on the ebuyer web site, it says:-

Ebuyer CBL-45 Notebook Carry Case Fits upto 16" Notebooks in Black
£7.88 £9.26 inc VAT

57 in stock

Usually ships same day

Quickfind code: 80089

Mfr #: EBCBL-45>>>

To sum up, their response to e-notes is atrocious, getting through by 'phone is impossible some days (all lines busy, ring back later) and if their web site gives a stock of 57 for item 80089, why do they tell me that item has been discontinued?


  Totally-braindead 21:22 03 Oct 2005

"ebuyer - is this good service" the answer is no, I no longer buy from them.

  Forum Editor 01:33 04 Oct 2005

Somewhere in the Ebuyer organisation someone has got it wrong - either they have stock or they don't, and i would have thought it a pretty easy exercise to find out.

Having said that, the company fulfils thousands of orders a week, and the vast majority are fine. That doesn't help you much, but it's a fact. I have been buying from them for several years now, and haven't had a single problem.

My best advice is that you forget about this carrycase and buy one from somewhere else - most big computer stores have dozens of them. I know that sounds a bit defeatist, but to be honest it looks as if it's the best course in the circumstances.

  grumpy-git 00:59 06 Oct 2005

On Wednesday their site still showed a stock of 57, but on Thursday evening, guess what!

<<Ebuyer CBL-45 Notebook Carry Case Fits upto 16" Notebooks in Black
(QuickFind: 80089) - Sorry, this product is currently unavailable / discontinued.
Try searching for something else:>>

Yes FE, it is a prime example of inefficiency, but at least their site is now correct.

Their web site states:-
<<eNote response: We currently have a 7 day turn around in answering your eNotes>>

and for answering the telephone?

<<Longest wait yesterday: 18 minutes 18 secs Average wait yesterday: 7 minutes 56 secs
Longest wait today: 16 minutes 35 secs Average wait today: 9 minutes 14 secs>>

BUT of course if you cannot get in the queue because all lines are busy then I'm sure you do not get included in those statistics

I did send them an e-note on Monday, so I will see if I ever get a reply to it, also I must check to make sure I get a refund. Once that is sorted I will mark as resolved, but not satisfied.

I have noted from your comments elsewhere FE that you don't have problems with them, that may apply to 90+ per cent of their customers, but it's no joke for the minority.


  SOREBLADE 17:39 06 Oct 2005

Oh I found ebuyer exellent super the best way cheaper great service I'm suprised

  hzhzhz 18:53 06 Oct 2005

Ive used e buyer several times with no problems but my last order took 2 weeks to be confirmed. I will use e buyer again.

  grumpy-git 19:05 06 Oct 2005

If you check my posting last night, it was out of stock.

Guess what, the carry case I want is back in stock, so there site says????

£9.26 inc VAT

43 in stock

Usually ships same day

Quickfind code: 80089

Mfr #: EBCBL-45>>>

So if anybody out there can make any sense out of this, please tell me!!

What do you reckon then FE? Can we get them under the Trades Description Act - "usually ships same day"


  grumpy-git 13:54 07 Oct 2005

The £9.26 has now been refunded for what they describe as a "discontinued item" which I ordered back in July but their web site is now showing 42 in stock.

In my final e-note to which I have not yet had a reply (but it was only sent about 4 days ago) I suggested that they could have sent me an alternate product, and because of their inefficiency they could have paid the difference. OK so it might have cost them a quid or 2, but I would have ended up a "happier" customer than I am now. Almost forgot, they would have incurred further delivery charges as well for not sending the item with the original laptop order.

That's another supplier to cross off my list. Won't close topic just yet, will wait for an e-note response.

Another story from a friend who had ordered the same laptop from them but failed to receive it - and who also found it virtually impossible to get through to them on the 'phone. The Ebuyer excuse for not having sent it was my friend's bank had refused payment. He checked with his bank but no attempt had been made to take any money from his account & there was adequate in there to cover the cost of the purchase.

If you are happy with Ebuyer, then keep on using them, but be warned - when something goes wrong.........


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