Ebuyer - getting worse?

  Sic 13:33 10 Jul 2006

Thought i would report on my latest 'issues' with Ebuyer (i must be very unlucky). I ordered a small bubble jet printer, ink and a desk fan from Ebuyer last Monday (4th) for express next day delivery at about 09:30.

The following day (Tuesday 4th) no items arrive, one phonecall and enote duly sent. Apparently they have a new software system and this has thrown everything out, many apologies, it will be with you tomorrow sir.

On the wednesday two of the items (ink and fan) arrived, minus the printer! Another message and phone call to Ebuyer and much apologising, plus an email saying its with the courier, will be with me tomorrow (Thursday 6th).

Thursday - no printer, a phone call confirms the printer has not left the wharehouse (confirmed in enote) so i request it now be delivered to an alternative address as its a birthday present, more promises made. Can you guess the next part?

Friday/Saturday.....no printer, no contact from ebuyer and no response to my enote. Apologies to mother for lack of present, much annoyance.

Today (monday 10th). Spoke to Ebuyer, they now deny all previous statements and claim all items were delivered and signed for on the previous Tuesday!! When i point out that i have it in writing from them that this is not the case, i am sharply told to disrefard all previous emails as their 'new systems' were giving help staff the wrong information. I am told my only option is to pursue the courier through the authorities??!!!!

Can you belive this? I have had bad service from Ebuyer before but this is just a joke, what do you guys suggest?

  Stuartli 14:27 10 Jul 2006

You have it in writing. Print them off (just in case they are deleted or lost in error) and contact Trading Standards.

Which "authorities" are you supposed to be contacting?

The responsibility is that of e-Buyer, not you, to take it up with the couriers - this ceases with e-Buyer when you have received the goods in full and undamaged.

Again the fact that e-Buyer's new systems are giving staff "the wrong information" is not your responsibility.

  dontmeshwithme 15:05 10 Jul 2006

I have in recent years found ebuyer to be excellent, but if the service level is going in the direction you suggest I might start looking elsewhere. When you look at your account online with ebuyer are all the items invoiced together or seperately (ebuyer invoices when an item is despatched so I order can have several invoices), if they have been invoiced seperately then this further strengthens your argument that the items were not all delivered together. Stick to your guns and let us know how it all pans out.

  ade.h 15:13 10 Jul 2006

I beleive that the online invoice also lists which warehouse each item is coming from, from 1 to 4. If there are different numbers, then that may add weight to your claim.

  Forum Editor 19:06 10 Jul 2006

and therefore the courier will not be able to produce a signature. This is a fairly straightforward matter in theory - you do not have to deal with the courier, as the goods are sent at Ebuyers' risk, and it is they who must take the matter up with the courier.

Unfortunately you cannot avoid being drawn in. If the courier says the goods were signed for, Ebuyer will accept their word, until and unless you demonstrate that the signature isn't yours. This can all take some time, so I suggest that you tell Ebuyer that you want them to ask their courier to provide proof of delivery. In the meantime, suggest to Ebuyer that you fax them a copy of your signature, so they can compare it with the signature the courier provides. It won't be the same, and you'll have made your point.

  Sic 10:53 11 Jul 2006

Thanks for all the responses. The printer arrived this morning at my office, although i can't verify this as i am working from home today.

Though i am still utterly perplexed at how such a large mail order company can have so little information on the movements of its goods. What irks me was the utter belief from the telephone support that i was incorrect even though by their own admissions their computer systems were incorrect.

Overall i am astounded at the poor customer service showed to a previous loyal customer of several years who has spent several thousand pounds with them. I am afraid it's time to do the talking with my feet, i have purchased my last item from Ebuyer.com

Does anyone have a contact email address for senior mangement at Ebuyer.com? I would like to enlighten them to the attitude of their support staff, i timed how long it took me to speak to a 'supervisor' yesterday, it took 10 requests and over 15 minutes. I'm sure this ethos of keeping complaints from 'up above' would provide intresting reading to the owners.

  spuds 11:11 11 Jul 2006

If you want to contact the top management, then obtain the information from Companies House click here. Either free Webcheck or more fuller details for £1.00.

Company Reference: 03941136 and 05050619

Personally, I have dealt with Ebuyer for many years, and their service as been 100%, except when they were relocating warehouses. But even at the time,there were no real major problems that I had. If you now find that that the staff and system requires investigation, then I would definitely recommend that you contact the powers in being. Nothing like trying to stop a problem before it escalates, and perhaps loyal customers move elsewhere.

  aaronc_uk 11:58 11 Jul 2006

I have had loads of problems recently, from being billed twice to goods arriving weeks late, and not because of the couriers, just because ebuyer didnt bother to ship them, this is after paying for their rip off next day delivery. i have started using click here for work stuff now. Heres the link straight off their site. <a href="click here">Wizardprice.com | Cheap Plasma TV | HD LCD Televisions | Cheap Laptops | Bargain Digital Cameras</a>.
We ordered a new LCD tv from them at 4.10pm last thursday, and it was with us at 8.45 the next day and that was without any rip off surcharges.

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