Ebuyer - free delivery on this item -- not in NI !

  Meekster 20:41 07 Apr 2005

Wanted to buy a simple Hi-speed SD card for my camera.

Found one on Ebuyer, advertised as free delivery and including vat just over £29..

For free delivery you must select super saver ... did that , postage changed from £2.59 to £0.00, excellent I thought !

Clicked checkout and got this ..>

Your chosen shipping method is not available for this address. We have selected a suitable alternative & displayed your new order total

Shipping Band: £2.59
Shipping Surcharge: £15.00

So , to ship a postage stamp sized memory card weighing 4 grams or less they want to charge me £17.59 !!

Damn, that is funny !

Actually this is a quote from their website ->

Shipping Methods
We use both CityLink and Royal Mail to deliver packages to our customers.

If they do use Royal Mail, they are certainly profiteering on the postage. ;)


Royal Mail , special delivery before 9.00am, £7.95 (for an extra £3.15 , you get compensation up to £10,000 !!!)

Royal Mail Special delivery Next Day , £3.85 included up to £500 compensation.

The worst thing about this is I don't object to paying more for a courier delivery to NI , that is fine when warranted.
I recently bought a digital camera from a competitor of theirs and was glad to have it courier shipped at £25 . Bought it at 4pm, deliveried next day at 9:30am , certainly worth the money.

But since ebuyer has the best prices I wanted to start buying from them , but oh well, guess I will try mx2 or similar as they have nearly the same prices with delivery included.

Ebuyer say they use Royal Mail as well as a courier (Citylink) but to ship a 4 gram memory card via courier is stupid.

I had dealings with ebuyer last year and asked why they say their website states they use Royal Mail but charge for an expensive courier instead and got a generic, thanks for your concern, and another direct quote from the website ..

"As always at eBuyer we are continually looking at every process possible that will enable us to deliver products to you at unbeatable prices. With this aim in mind we have decided to review our carriage charges so that we can give our customers a fairer deal."

Now the funny thing is , their shipping policy and rates have remained exactly the same since the last time I looked including the comments about using Royal Mail, yet even after a year the least item to NI or the highlands is charged at courier rates , not the Royal Mail (aka same price for everyone) service they state they use.

At the very least they could remove the reference to shipping via Royal Mail since I did ask why they could not ship a light item by Royal Mail parcels or even letter post and simply got the same thank you for asking , we are reviewing ...blah blah blah.

Actually got that response about 4 times via their internal mail , never once a reasonable answer. I even asked for a reply from their delivery manager, but got nothing.

I will use a competitor , its just a pity as ebuyers prices are so good and they carry a great range of stuff.

  Dords 21:16 07 Apr 2005

I agree. Many times I have looked to buy items and have gone through the process of registering and placing the item in the shopping basket only to be shocked by the postage. Sometimes the postage is greater than the value of the item. They are losing business to N Ireland regularly.

I could send a courier from Ireland and collect it for cheaper than what these online stores charge.

Tekheads is very reasonable when it comes to postage.

  Meekster 21:32 07 Apr 2005

Thanks , thats a good site.

And the postage is reasonable too , they actually do use RM !!

  harps1h 22:05 07 Apr 2005

did you try click here free delivery here to northern ireland. i know i live in lurgan

  Al94 22:13 07 Apr 2005

This rip off has been well documented in the past, I just walk away from any of the perpetrators. Bear in mind though that all may change with Royal Mail in the not too distant future, I think I read somewhere that they will be free to charge additional for remote areas like N Scotland, N Ireland, etc. Ebuyer is hard to fathom as they use Royal Mail but more understandable where a company contracts all it's deliveries to a courier whose policy is to charge substantially more to N.I. I suspect the volume of orders from here is not that great in the overall scheme of things. PS you're right harps1h, Crucial get it right all the time - top company.

  Meekster 00:03 08 Apr 2005

Wow, ebuyer use RM and still charge courier prices ?

Damn, wish there was a war on, you can hang profiteers then !


  hugh-265156 01:23 08 Apr 2005

why not Mplex its local click here they may have what you want.

i have never purchased any good online with them but have purchased many goods in store and find them most helpful and prices are not bad either.

  hugh-265156 01:27 08 Apr 2005

click here to find store close to you

  Meekster 06:20 08 Apr 2005

All good suggestions thanks everyone .

  Al94 10:01 08 Apr 2005

Here's another one for media based in Enniskillen, post or collect click here

  paddy75 13:14 08 Apr 2005

Meekster,i too live in N I and i have highlighted this in the past and i find it incredable that big companies such as dabs charge extortionate rates for postage here.I cannot understand why companies that are supposed to be in a competitive business always make this mistake,after all if Amazon can do it for nothing(super saver delivery) then anyone can.Paddy

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