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  HWJC 20:58 18 Aug 2010

These Enotes have a 2 day response time, but if you add a comment to an existing Enote within that 2 days it gets put to the back of the queue and takes another 2 days (even if their current response time is 1 day).

So if anyone should have a failure to deliver, and a comment is added each day that delivery failed again, it will never get responded to. Even if 5 day delivery ends up being 18 days after ordering, 16 days after despatch and 15 days after payment has cleared.

Note also that if you phone up and get a "guarantee" of next day re-delivery, it is not actually a guarantee in the traditional sense but an aspiration which is more likely to fail than to succeed. Consequences of this failure to deliver are that they will aspire to another delivery date that they have no particular interest in fulfilling as they feel no particular responsibility for the success or failure of their carrier. Then another. Then another. Then another until the shouting starts through pure frustration.

Suffice to say, our company no longer has an account with Ebuyer, which is a pity in some senses. We chose to only deal with professional companies and it appears from their complete indifference that this is an alien concept to them.

  Dragon_Heart 23:20 18 Aug 2010

Customer Reviews click here

Great Value, insanely fast delivery! Thank you so much

12 hours from order to delivery, quite outstanding

Really quick delivery from payment. 1st class

Next day delivery. Fantastic looking case. Many thanks

OK these may ONLY be the good feedback but some of their customers are happy ! Some claim they ONLY post good reviews.

That said this and many other forums have similar stories. Did you try a write to Armando Sanchez the Operations Director of Ebuyer or from the P C Advisor post "Looks like ebuyer are vetting customer comments" you could give him a call on 0871 528 5090. That;s so the FE does not delete my post !

  HWJC 02:10 25 Aug 2010

Thank you for your comment Dragon-Heart, even though you didn't understand a word of what I wrote.

I'm quite sure ebuyer's routine systems are wonderful, but inevitably there are some problems, like at any company. I'm one of those people who judge a company by their ability to resolve an issue that falls outside of their routine.

I'm pointing out that Ebuyer's enote system is designed to fail and that their problem resolution abilities appear to have a gaping hole in them. If I was 1 in a million of their delivery failures it appears their ability to solve the problem is either very flawed or I'm a 1 in a million million million million customer for the promises they failed with. Believe me, I'm not that lucky else I'd start doing the lottery again.

No, I haven't written to anyone there outside of several sheafs of complaints on their enotes system that received no response at all 10 days after creating and updating them daily. At no point did they feel the need to respond to the enote to confirm their promise in writing. I spent 50 minutes on their 0871 number (at my expense) trying to get them to understand that being 10 days late on a 5 day delivery was a failure of their standards as well as mine, for which they felt no responsibility in resolving.

I made a mistake the other day on an £8 job. It will cost me about £60 to put it right. I'm doing so immediately and without quibble, first because I recognise it's my error and responsibility and second because I have no intention of ever making the mistake again because I know what went wrong. I have 37000 customers a year. I can't afford to lose their trust or reputational damage else I won't have a business. My customer obviously isn't happy, but is satisfied with my response and will use me again, knowing I won't make the same mistake twice. He'll also tell his friends that we'll take responsibility for our work at no cost to them.

Would you use a firm who responded to an error like me or like ebuyer, who have taken no responsibility and learned no lessons? It's a no-brainer.

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